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Starting to think this is impossible!

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I don't really feel I deserve much positive feedback right now.

I go through phases where I am non stop on porn for a few days/weeks, then I decide to stop and remarkably.... I do. I don't even struggle, I find myself happier, etc. What I do find is that during this time I still masturbate (But I do so in the normal way... Oh yeah another of my issues is masturbating prone, lying on my stomach effectively and rubbing on the mattress... very bad!).

One year on from failure...

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I was a member of this site from roughly a year ago. I came on and off, and was the closest I've ever been to quitting completely.

I am now 21, and still a virgin, and have relapsed badly into my old ways.

This time I am determined to stop, it is affecting my life far too much, I hardly go out anymore, and my submissive fantasy's are all I ever think about, this has to change.

I am quitting from now, no excuses, so as always,


I have FOUR Weeks... Do I have any chance?

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Okay this is the situation, in just four weeks I am jetting off with my friends to the lovely Magaluf (Ironically and aptly nicknamed - Shagaluf), and despite trying for a while now I am STILL addicted.

This is the first time I've totally admitted to myself I do have a full on addiction.

If you've read my last blog you will know that I do not just have an addiction to Porn, I am heavily addicted to BDSM, many fetishes etc.

During my rare periods of abstinence I have indeed found myself turned on by the thought of straight sex with a woman!!

20 year old total virgin, need help please?

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Okay this is the first site of this site I have ever joined, although I have tried this on my own a few times. I know this site is about openness, but I am going to be very detailed, so if you are squeamish.. look away now!

I think I have 3 separate but kind of linked problems,

1. I have a huge femdom/BDSM/foot fetish

2. I masturbate in a weird way, which causes something called TMS ( This is a link to a website explaining what it is - http://www.healthystrokes.com/index.html )