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Not today lizard Brain

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Here for a quick fix to get my mental mojo on and turn the lizard brain off!!

The cost of PMO is just not worth it.

Feeling a little tempted but back on track reading some encouraging posts.

By the way, I've noticed a trend and wondered if others have same issue.

On day 7 of no orgasm, I lie down beside my wife at night and my heart starts to race and Mr Willie is is up at full mast.

This has happened like 3 times. Heart races so fast that I cant sleep unless we have sex.

I am literally up all night unless I take a strong drink.

Passion Cycle

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I've been on an experiment for the past 18 days. The goal has been no orgasm to see how the passion cycle really affects me. On day 15 every muscle in my back and neck all of the sudden released an incredible tightness that has been with me so long I thought it was normal. My whole body went snap, crackle and pop. It felt soo good! Interested to hear if this is true for others?

Passion Cycle

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Looking at the chart on the passion cycle, I notice a massive drop off on the neuro chemical level at the end of two weeks. I assume that this would relate to a negative feeling. Is dopamine the nerochem that drops off? Curious if this is experienced widely by others on Reuniting? Do you feel low around that time? I am at the end of a two week cycle and seem to be hitting a major drop.


Messing up

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Haven't been back in a while and just fell off the wagon -curse it.

I've had tremendous chaser that has been relentless after MO which I thought was going to be OK and it was not. Chaser has been huge this week- UGGGH.

Lasts for a couple of days and seems to be exacerbated (no pun) by stress from work.

Sorry to vent. 291 days into a reboot and I thought this thing was not an issue but it is clearly is not done with me yet.

Thoughts on how to stop this in its tracks and get back on are appreciated.


Prostate Congestion

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I think I've identified a problem in my system -prostate congestion. I am trying some saw palmetto to see if it gets better. The larger question in my mind is "could excessive, long term PMO have a negative effect on the male prostate?" I am 45 so it could just be nature but an interesting theory.

Here is some info I've found. Would love to hear others opinions.

From Herbal Love Web Site:

Subtle Slips

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Reboot day 190
Days to no PMO 3


I've lost a little discipline for a variety of reasons ranging from relationship and work stress to soreness in the testicles.

Over the past month I've hit the MO a on several occasions and have not been able to get the O without kicking in a little fantasy. Have also done some surfing for images-attractive girls but not porn and then cutting out without engaging in MO.

Sunday this slipped over to a look at some static Porn images-15 minutes of PMO. Crap.

Shame and Vulnerability

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The information on Reuniting and YBOP has been invaluable for me to realize that there is a major physiological and addictive aspect to PMO. At the end of the day, PMO is a drug. This leaves me with a question...what did I need a drug to do? The answer is numb myself to pain. Below are two great links from a talk by Dr. Brene Brown, a leading researcher on shame and vulnerability. Check them out.


Day 112- Communication and feelings of rejection

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Day 112

After struggling to deal with feelings of rejection from my spouse over sex and other issues, I decided to broach the topic this past weekend after having received encouragement to do so from this group. Prior to talking to her, I read a couple of books on how to better communicate with a spouse in a non judgmental way which were also key to success. While I was quite afraid to bring up the topic, I was tired of feeling the pain. Thankfully numbing it with PMO was off the table. T