Not today lizard Brain

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Here for a quick fix to get my mental mojo on and turn the lizard brain off!!

The cost of PMO is just not worth it.

Feeling a little tempted but back on track reading some encouraging posts.

By the way, I've noticed a trend and wondered if others have same issue.

On day 7 of no orgasm, I lie down beside my wife at night and my heart starts to race and Mr Willie is is up at full mast.

This has happened like 3 times. Heart races so fast that I cant sleep unless we have sex.

I am literally up all night unless I take a strong drink.

Anybody else experience this?



calm yourself

I have been having some hangover effect after O's with my wife, I am porn and M free now 72 days. I am really getting less interested in O's as the residual effects are not worth it.

I know that is not everyones preference. Marnia makes so much sense to me now with the karezza approach and I was in denial about how important it might be.

Glad you are staying strong woody