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I've been on an experiment for the past 18 days. The goal has been no orgasm to see how the passion cycle really affects me. On day 15 every muscle in my back and neck all of the sudden released an incredible tightness that has been with me so long I thought it was normal. My whole body went snap, crackle and pop. It felt soo good! Interested to hear if this is true for others?

The only drawback has been a really full feeling in the testicles / prostate accompanied by off and on horniness. When I've had a flare up, I just headed to the gym which seemed to dissipate that problem.

This morning I tried some of the solo energy activities Yoni Mudra This one worked great but had a strange consequence. I noticed semen leakage after urination. First time I've noticed this but my prostate feels better.




Human sexuality is an unknown frontier...but fun to explore. Wink

Yes, I remember another guy describing that "popping" effect a few years ago. Here it is:

Today the whole day I have been shaking with jitters similar to how it felt when I quit smoking. My body has been jolted with what felt like unusually intense energy, especially in my spine. I feel tense and stiff for a while and then as if my spinal bones are being popped and a big relief and then tension and then relief. It just came out of the blue and has been subsiding.

You'd never think changes in sexual behavior could have such powerful effects, eh?

As for the prostate...hey, whatever it takes to keep it happy. Smile I'm guessing semen production will adjust in time. Here's the FAQ on blue-ball help, in case you miss it on the other thread: Help for blue balls

Keep us posted.

Thanks Marnia!!

Thanks Marnia!!

Very interesting comment from this other person who experienced the same thing as me. An additional point is that I feel the same type of thing during the PMO experience-the snapping and popping and loosening of muscles but then directly after PMO everything locks down from a muscle stand point, anxiety sky rockets, the voice changes, I get jittery and my thinking gets very foggy.

Here on day 19 my thinking is much clearer than ever. While I am feeling some emotions I am not used to feeling, I am able to manage them. Before, I think they were all numbed out by the PMO drug and now I can feel them and deal with them more constructively whereas before they were unconscious. To put it in simple terms, I have a serious case of nice guy syndrome as mentioned in some of the resources and I am working through that too. PMO was the numbing refuge.

On the prostate side, the Yoni Mudra is a major break through. The reason is that congested feeling in the prostate has been a major impediment to success. The heaviness / stopped up feeling is distracting and begs for relief and the only way to do that in the past was O. Now, I have a tecnique to relieve without all of the negative consequeses from the O. May also open the way to Karrezza eventually.


what you will learn

is too focus on your root. The root is between your testicles and rectum. When you focus on this during sex, you relax that area and you avoid congestion and those blue ball problems.

Hi Emerson!

Hi Emerson!

Glad to hear from you!

OK so root is the key. Anymore hints or more specifics? I've been reading some of the resource info on Karezz and am planning on eventually giving this a shot but have been in fear for the blue ball and congestion problem.

The other thing seems to be not to get too heated up right?

As info, I am 45 - not sure if this makes a difference or not.