I see light..

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Although a bit distant, today while i was waking up, i stayed in bed for about 2 minutes, then thought of having an erection, just a thought at this point.... i felt something moving down there n i was only wearing my boxers. I felt a movement, just checked how it was with my hand and DANG an 80 % erect penis :D... i guess it was that easy coz i was only wearing shorts and nothing to resist the penile erection... any way, stood up and went on with my day :)... Guess i might be 1/4 way through.. .. .. though i guess i entered the real flatline phase, no libido, complete stability concerning women and how i look at them, even if i watch a nude pic, i still can have in mind i shouldnt be looking and nothing really happens.

I EDITED TO ADD THIS PART! i dunno y i am feeling like hugging my MOM! I WILL GO DO THAT NOW! ..