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Two days in a row i see my self masturbating in my dreams while watching porn, i wake up yesterday with a softy, today with a 60-70% erection that lasted for 1 minute or 2. I really dont understand why i see those dreams when i dont feel like watching porn at all and i have complete control on not to touch my penis. On the good side, no ejaculation like what used to happen before (wet dreams), no clear fluid emission, my penis feels more normal now ( before it always had this tingling sensation "TOUCH ME TOUCH ME!!" when it was in its most shrunken states....)

I quit PMO on the 18th of dec, uncontrollably masturbated till orgasm half way through this period once after a wet dream ( just to ty things out)... how many days? i dont want to count, u do the math. :D


Sounds like

you're healing well. This process takes a lot of patience, eh? I wouldn't worry about the dreams. Just your brain clearing out the trash. Wink