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So its been about 2 weeks since my last sex, which was the first time since the reboot began. It will be about a week until I see my girlfriend. I have been abstaining from fantasy to the best of my ability and the results have been nightly and morning erections every day without exception. Occasional spontaneous erections during the day have occured as well. I have been having a lot of wet dreams (Like 4 this week). One caused me to ejacuate, which left me feeling a bit drained the next day, but I bounced back. X girlfriends and other girls have been hitting me up lately, which is putting a slight strain on the long distance relationship. I can definitely feel the pressure to have sex with novel partners, but I am convinced that my relationship is a good one and I would be a fool to ruin it at this point. I still find it funny that I can have morning and nightly erections that seem to last forever, yet with my girlfriend I PE'd 4 times and was only able to penetate once. I believe that things will get better as I continue to discipline my brain to the idea that sex is only for my girlfriend, not for fantasy or certainly porn. Flashbacks are sill a problem, but those thoughts are becoming more fleeting and short in duration. Bit of advice - I have found that the time that I am most likely to get heavy into fantasy and obsess about multiple women in pornographic scenaios is in the morning on my days off from work. Trust me, and I'm preaching to myself here, its better to just get up and get your day started than to lay around and tease yourself with fantasy (mental masturbation).

Also, the day after I had sex about 2 weeks ago, I experimented with M without F. I think I can do it. I was able to get hard just to sensations when I was standing up. It was a very novel experience. Unfortunately, I quickly began to fantasize heavily and shortly thereafter, forced myself to stop. This was a breakthrough for me nonetheless. I have never in all my days been able to successfully M without F. When I was just hitting puberty it was always fantasy first and sensation second, which wasn't difficult considering all of the R rated sex scenes I had seen up to that point. Good luck everyone and stay strong! We are all on the right path!