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I had some strange experiences I want to share with you.

1. Few weeks ago I was curious about my ability to ejaculate. I wanted to try out how long I needed to ejaculate. So I made the test, looking at my watch. Strictly scientific. 40 seconds from flaccid to ejaculation, and the penis not yet full hard. The feeling was quite enjoyable, contrary to the orgasms experienced before. The amount of semen was good, as much as I remembered from my youth, but somehow clear which I indicated having not so much sperms in it.

Still I had a feeling that there still was something inside. So I repeated the test a second time. Again a pleasant feeling, nearly the same amount of sperm, but now creamy and thick. Yes there was left something inside at the first time.

I was prepared (and a bit fearing) to have a hangover from that experience, but nothing significant happened. I didn't feel like a super hero, but I was quite well, and my projects were going on. We had several times karezza sex per week (means long lasting and no orgasm from my side). Seems the short time manipulation combined with no hormonal need for an orgasm were dampening the side effects. But still I was determined not to have orgasms again. As my wife was not sure about her fertility, I thought we had dropped the baby project.

2. Few days ago, after about half an hour karezza, my wife said: Now it is the perfect moment to try it with the baby. Hmm, my plan was to avoid orgasms and to go deeper into karezza. But on the other hand... The reproduction rate of an average German woman has dropped to dangerous 1.3 children (you know a rate of 2 is needed to avoid an decline of the population). So I decided to act against the extinction of the German people and especially against that of my own tribe. So I did my duty, not fearing the aftermath. I didn't aim for a wild and hard orgasm, but just went on with a steady pace. And then I let it just happen. Nothing really spectacular, just a good feeling. I made my wife orgasm as well.

Then we talked about why she knew that she was fertile. She told me about the full number of signs she knew when she was fertile from previous times. And she said everything was there. So it seemed the right moment. Then I remembered my previous sperm experiment and I told my wife that I wanted to try something. So we reactivated the little friend and I made him ejaculating again. Just for the case that there was something creamy left inside. Okay, it went a bit hotter that before. After finishing it, my wife asked: Are we allowed to do such things? Yep I said, it was for a good purpose - you know fighting against the decline of our people...

Now I was sure that the big hangover will come. But we prepared as good as as possible against it: Slow sex, cuddling, hugging, caressing breasts, working together, hanging around together like honeymooners, etc. Nothing happened.

3. Or should I say something special happened. We had karezza in the morning, and I went to buy thing for my building project. On the way there I suddenly felt extremely happy, a kind of bliss. I do not know exactly what bliss is. We Germans have a quite ancient word for that: Glückseligkeit. Yes I had that driving along in my car and even in the hardware store, selecting my items, smiling at people (especially other women - yes I told my wife about that and the positive effect of getting a non sexual smile from the opposite sex. She told me that she also tried to smile at men during work and that the reaction is different).

After eating something (possibly too quickly) the bliss faded, but I had learned that it is fine to focus on the present and to enjoy everything what you are doing. I had always concentrated to reach some goals but never got the satisfaction when ready. I learned: The aim is to feel well and to be happy at the very moment. Especially not to overeat or to drink too much. Always asking: Will this increase my well-being?

4. Something more strange things: I came somehow in the habit of searching for nude pics. Of course tasteful ones, or such from everyday women. Okay, you meet a lot of not so fine pics, but this didn't affect me. No big arousal, if ever. No PMO. Here and there I watched erotic clips. Sort of curiosity to see how peole make sex together in a respectful way. Searching for slow sex videos. Yes there is a lot of rubbish, but you can find some which are looking really loving and enjoying each other.

I realized that I used a lot of time to search or watch such stuff, but it it was different to the way I did it nearly 40 years long with female pics. No urge to masturbate and to fertilze somebody. Hmm, it seemed that my 250 days of trial with karezza had an effect on me. No need to get orgasms, no need to fertilize somebody, no hormones pushing. Just watching nudity and sexuality like an innocent person.

5. Again a strange experience: After a long day shared with my wife, during reading something on the internet, I got a push to watch something erotic. so I found a somehow lengthy sex video. Suddenly I realized that both of them looked nice, even the details of their bodies. and they performed quite well and tried to delight each other. I lost the urge to skip the scenes and to scan the film, like I did formerly for searching for the real hot scenes for masturbating. I just relaxed and watched the video to the end, really relaxed and happy even for the performers as they looked happy. And I felt the same bliss as I had two days before driving in the car.

I had no need to continue searching endlessly something in other videos like before. I just closed the browser, feeling peace and bliss. And having a reason to write it down. Still feeling that bliss and peace. Strange isn't it?

6. And now I remember one other thing to report: We had karezza sex each morning and evening the last few days. My wife still saying that she feels not much, often asking to get an orgasm, me not orgasming. We were trying out several positions sometime aching and laughing. My goal is always just to connect, and to stay connected. I told my wife: Being in your vagina for me feels like have coming home. Yes, that is true for me, even when we get hotter here and there and my wife is asking for an orgasm. The rest of the day always hanging around together, helping each other and working togehter. Nearly too good to be true or to last. But even a little decline in that situation I could bear.

NB. It was necessary to write that down to see all this things together on a pad or screen. I'm amazed by myself, really.

P.S. My wife went to bed, as she has to work tomorrow. I hugged her and wished her a pleasant night. Me not feeling needy for sex, but got the permission to cuddle when I come later. Not feeling hungry or thinking to drink something as usual. Ready to finish my writing work. Peace. Bliss. Strange, but good.



very interesting

1. I've had that bliss sometimes...good for you. It is a very nice experience.

2. It's like coming home for me too, I've told my wife the exact same thing about how I feel when I'm in her vagina. The same thing exactly.

3. I find looking at nude pix and semi clothed females takes a real toll on me and my feelings for my wife. So I avoid it. I've noticed a strong negative impact. Just something to observe.

4. My wife says she doesn't feel that much either. She doesn't project her attention into her body the way I do into mine. I think that has something to do with it. But perhaps not. I don't know. She has orgasms and enjoys sex that way.

5. Good luck baby making!

3 = truth


In regards to #3. I hadn't looked at any porn in quite awhile. Then while my girlfriend was away, I did. I shouldn't have, but I did. When she came back, I noticed a distinct decline in my feelings for her. It was disturbing and unsettling. I figure it's the porn, as it's happened before like that. Things will come back after several days from the porn use.

Pretty crazy how it impacts my perceptions like that. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I'm not the only one.


it comes back after a few days...

your prior feelings will come back.

But the bad effects can last a considerable amount of time. I think especially because they trigger memories in your brain and these memories are deeply etched like deep grooves in a path where everyone walks in the middle and the path gets worn deep just in the middle.

It's great you can observe and notice this because that is the important part -- then you can avoid it.

This isn't the case when you are seeing pretty girls around town or at the beach. It isn't the same at all. I can drink in the beauty of a young thing in a bikini and still feel incredible arousal for my wife.

That's why I say it's the porn or erotic triggers that are best to avoid, rather than avoiding looking at pretty (real) girls.

About watching erotic images:

Hi there,

I have reported about this because:

- since that experience with the bliss during watching an erotic video I had no urge nor interest to watch again - even no tasteful nude images.

- seems this bliss experience was a closing point to that habit of nude watching

- it was somehow necessary to go through that state to learn that nuduty or erotic images are there not just for masturbating. I saw something erotic and think: I could wank to that! Even if it's not arousing. Or any erotic image or a goodlooking woman or undies and bikinis in a catalog caused me to think about PMO.

- I watched some few erotic clips together with my wife, and it was fine for her - and arousing. I didn't continue with this, because it could become a habit for us to get arousal from there.

- I can see now beatiful women and appreciate her beauty without thinking about sex or PMO. I can even talk with my wife about them.

- It seems as if a perception shift has happend. Because getting an orgasm is not longer the goal for me.

And I am very happy now to see nudity or sexiness without following the animal instincts or my habits as before. After all - God made the world including the women and saw it was very good. Yes, thats true.