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sleeping with another

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This site helped me to get into this sacred sex thing and I've gotten deep into this stuff. For me, it feels like maybe there is some benefit in "dual-cultivation" the way you describe it; through controlled, disciplined sexual union. I have not had much luck though because of not finding a suitable partner. I did try it a couple times and i felt good, but it felt like a lot of work, it wasn't natural, carefree. There was still this idea of "sex" in my head. It wasn't like magic.

How it is, and what it could be like

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I spent 3 consecutive days masturbating after making it almost 2 weeks without. I felt suicidal, nervous, and just wanted to end everything. I try so hard to just let things be, and thank goodness i didn't do anything to hurt myself even though the feelings were strong. I even thought of ways i could just end my life. It gets to me hard especially after this beautiful woman told me it wouldn't work out between us. I understand she was way older and was going through a lot, but still, i don't think she went with her feelings and instead listened to others advice.

Problems, Solutions, & Insights...Questions, Comments, etc. Welcomed!

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I'm back, after recent painful events I've gone back to masturbation. I met someone on Dharma Match, we liked each other, but she decided not to get involved. Instead she said she'd like to remain friends. That was 3 days ago after about 1 week of talking and having met her. I felt hurt and still do.

Help for Addictions

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This is my first blog posted on Reuniting. Hopefully this blog will be about ways to help out my friends who are addicted to masturbation by informing them on ways and methods that i have successfully used and sometimes failed to use that are helpful in recovering from this debilitating habit. Also understanding that Sh*t happens, this blog might touch on different topics as others ask for more information on what i know.

First things first:

Background: Hispanic/American
Education: Bachelor's in Psychology
Work: serving others