4 days later

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In my last post I expressed how I hoped, despite my worry, that my anti-climatic short unsatisfying orgasm wouldn't have any effect on me. Well apparently it did have an effect.

Today, 4 days later, I've been experiencing that familiar horny feeling for the first time in months. Yuck, I don't like it. I awoke with strong tension/energy in my clit and my fantasies were more needy and wanting erotic sex - which in and of themselves aren't so bad (ahgem), but they leave me feeling agitated, as opposed to my more relaxed karezza type fantasies that leave me feeling calmer. This morning I tried to bring that energy up from my clit to my breasts and out through my heart. That felt good, but I'm having to do it all day today. I've even caught myself sizing men up, as if they were objects, a couple times today, which I haven't done in quite a while.

Worst of all, I feel whiny and needy and all I keep thinking is that I just want to get laid. Now I know where the expression "randy" comes from, cause that's a perfect word for how I feel right now.




It should pass before long. Just keep circulating that energy, and do your best to flirt so you put the extra voltage to good use.kiss

Oh yeah, my work is outdoors

Oh yeah, my work is outdoors and very very physical. But it's seasonal, so I haven't been getting as much exercise this winter. That's all shifting now.

Yeah, it is amazing that we didn't get this before. But it hasn't been hard to get because the thoughts, experiences and questions were all there for me, I just didn't have the words for it or some way to put the pieces together.