Nausea & Dizziness from Breast Meditation

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Last night I was lying down doing a breast meditation, which has become somewhat of a daily activity these past several months. What I did last night was lightly massage my breasts using olive oil with a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil. Then I placed a slightly cupped hand on each breast and imagined energy moving into my breasts and filling up my cupped hand. I remember feeling a lot of heat in my breasts right away and noting to myself that it seemed quite fast - usually it takes a little longer to feel some form of energy movement. But then all of a sudden I became really nauseous and the room started to spin. I got up and it stopped completely. I walked to the bathroom and drank some water and then went back to bed to lie down again. I cupped my breasts again and tried again. The nausea and spinning returned immediately. I sat up, felt better, and this time lied on my side, pressed my finger on the trigger point (don't know the name of it) between my eyebrows for a bit and then went to sleep.

I've never felt that during a breast mediation before. Nausea and dizziness are rare for me. The only time I really feel like that is from motion sickness (I get that quite quickly from reading in the car or bus or from swinging on a swing). Once I had a very similar experience about 15 years ago during an acupuncture session (of which I'd done many) where I was being treated for irregular menstruation. At the time I hadn't been menstruating for months at a time. He used a lot of points from head to toe, with a lot focused in the area around the uterus. As soon as all the needles were in, the room started to spin a lot and I felt incredibly nauseous. My acupuncturist immediately took out the needles from some of the key points and put new ones in (if I'm recalling correctly) my toes, finger tips and the point between my eyebrows. The dizziness went away immediately. (note, I got my period the next morning)

Any thoughts on why this might have happened or has anyone experienced anything similar?

Possible contributing factors (although I haven't felt dizzy or nauseous from any of these specifically before):

-extremely tired (but that's normal for me this month cause it's my busiest time of year for work).
-I ate a tiny piece of strong 99% dark chocolate about an hour before.
-I normally imagine the energy moving into my breasts and then out and down the front of my body and up through my vagina, but this time was focussing on filling up my breasts under my cupped hands.
-I'm a little congested from a cold virus I've had about a week.
-I was on the last day of my menstrual cycle.



No idea

Maybe the acupuncturist would know. I've heard people describe all kinds of weird symptoms related to kundalini awakenings. Maybe you got a taste of that. If you have a male cuddle buddy, I'd get a snuggle in soon. It can help you keep your balance when energy starts to move.


My Buddhist teachers have said that nausea during or after meditation is something old clearing. That said, balance is very important. Too much too soon is not good for your system. Be gentle.

That's interesting Marnia,

That's interesting Marnia, cause I finally got a cuddle from a male friend just the night before. Seems to have had the opposite effect!

I think what I found most odd was that this happened so quickly after starting the meditation and I was moving very slowly and gently, but maybe more slow and gentle moves energy more deeply.

Just had this thought: I just finished (ahem, I hope) a brief lonliness induced clitoral O binge - this was after 11 weeks of not O'ing and instead focusing of breast meditations. So maybe reversing the energy suddenly again was dizzying?

Ha ha!

Who knows? Your theory is as good as any. I also think that getting with a potential partner (or what your system perceives as a potential partner) can be quite a jolt. Lots of extra neurochemicals could be flying around.

Really...there's so much to learn.

How are you now?

I'm not dizzy anymore. Back

I'm not dizzy anymore. Back to feeling lonely though. Back to the post-O hangover. On the down swing now. The cuddle the other night was with a long time friend that I'm not interested in as a potential partner, but maybe my brain freaked out a bit anyway, everything feels out of alignment today. Thanks for asking.