Day 39 - Does that early confidence return?

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Despite sticking stringenly to the no PMO and no fantasy, for the past week or so I have been more like my old self in terms of confidence and drive (or the lack of) whereas earlier in my reboot I was a different person. A confident, talkative, alpha male go-getter (comparatively speaking). I know that recovery is not a linear process, but I expected the jags to be a bit finer - Day to day rather than full weeks of no obvious progress. I really hope that it wasn't just due to the initial surge of testosterone.
I have seen the potential of what I could be, and if in the end I am going to finally level off at anything less than that which I have had a glimpse of then I may as well give up now.


I am also on day 39, and over

I am also on day 39, and over the past few days I feel like things are on the down swing for me too. Just remember to have faith. None of this "I may as well give up now" stuff. We have to give it time. I think that our attitude, outlook on life, and mood are all very much affected by this process. So if you are feeling discouraged, or dispirited right now, just try to pull through. We are probably right on the edge of another upswing. Also, I think that we shouldn't expect too much. Even guys who are confident, healthy libido, alpha-males have good days and bad days. If you stick with your resolve to beat this, then I think you will overall have a better level of confidence. Just think how much more confident you will be when you have nothing to hide. That alone will be worth the effort. Not to mention the obvious affects this situation has had on our brain's production of neurochemicals. Maybe watch the YBOP video series again to give yourself a boost in resolve. And then maybe watch a movie or something to help focus your thoughts elsewhere for a while. Don't give up! We're doing so good!

I' m on day 64 now and also

I' m on day 64 now and also experienced the loss of the Super Hero feeling between day 35 and 45.
Actually it didn't come back as strong as before but it came back...and the big difference is that I feel this wonderful BALANCE now.
The Super Hero feeling was in a way unreal and looking back I was like on a testosterone trip :)
Much better now because I feel much more myself.

Same thing

I'm on day 39 and I've also felt this fall in confidence and slight edging towards my old state of mind. Maybe this is common around this time period. Stick with it though, I certainly am. All the years of watching porn, it would be foolish to think that a few weeks of abstaining would be enough to see lasting change. We need to be in this for the long haul. This bleedin freezing weather in the UK isn't helping anything mind, my nether regions are frozen within minutes of leaving the house so no wonder there's no stirring when I see an attractive woman:-D

Day 58, similar experience

Similar timeline for me. First couple of weeks a real surge, flatline until around day 45, then another surge of energy for about 10 days. Now I feel a bit more level.

I'm finding that there are pro's and con's to each phase. I have to watch the ups because I want to binge on substances and can't sit still. It makes me appreciate the flatlines :).


The longer I keep going the more I think I'm only just beginning. Plus life throws so many variables our way that can affect mood, craving, etc.

It's not all about PMO!