Day 45 no PMO - Halfway point

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So here I am at the theoretical halfway point to recovery and it seems at once both a long time and a short time. Short enough looking back to the beginning, but long enough to be daunting going forwards. So far there have been dizzying highs and quite frankly disturbing lows, but I feel OK at the moment. The first couple of weeks were comparatively easy, but recently I have found myself missing porn more as I get some semblance of libido returning.
Currently motivation is quite high, but I am being held back slightly by circumstances that I will not go into. Nonetheless I have written myself a bucket list which I can start to take action on. This list contains some gems such as;

  • Drive a Delorean up to 88mph.
  • Learn to use a straight razor.
  • Carve a meerschaum pipe.
  • Dive the Mexican cenotes.
  • Write a novel.

This is just a small selection, there are more.
I will do these things.
It has already started to drain the coffers, a decent straight razor kit cost me £115. If you don't hear from me, I have probably accidently decapitated myself.