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Hello. I haven't posted in some time because I have been busy failing harder than Michael J Fox playing Operation (sorry!) and I was too embarrassed to admit it.
My downfall was the 'porn bomb' as I wrote about in a previous post. I was doing so well - there were bad days to be sure and the initial benefits had receded, but I was holding on. One filth mine later though and I went down faster than one of the girls in my favourite videos, and continued in that vein for a couple of weeks and I hate myself for it.
Now I am ready to begin again but with a couple of changes.
1) I am instigating a rewards system for myself, every week of no PMO means I put £5 in a jar for my treat fund. I can get regular small treats or save up for something better, for example, a week gets me a takeaway, a month gets me maybe an xbox game, five months gets me an aquarium I have my eye on.
For every failure £5 comes out and goes on something boring like petrol or bills and the day count begins again.
2) I am going to read this site less. I think it is better for me just to not think about not PMOing (I know, it's like when someone tells you not to think about the pink elephant, then all you can think about is pink elephants. What they are doing depends how long you have been off the PMO Wink ) and visiting this site on a regular basis just has the effect of drawing my attention to the issue.
That's not to say I will never check back, this site is a valued resource to me and I am grateful for it.