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chakrasThis excerpt is from Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini by Sovatsky, pp. 2-4

I was actually considering stepping into a world of possibilities whose very existence I had never before suspected. This step was something called brahmacharya - a Sanskrit term meaning, of all things, celibacy! And our confident teacher suggested we "try it" for a year and a quarter! "You mean, me?" I gulped to myself, as a second barrage of feelings whirled through me: disbelief, challenge, fear, a solemn profundity, and then a deeply mysterious churning at the roots of my being. ...I heard myself say, "Yes, I'll do it. It's only for a year and a quarter. Only? Yes, it will be ok."

The Possibilities Begin to Unfold

The first six months were the most intense, as I began my daily practice of the meditation, yoga and breathing exercises I had been taught. An amorphous yearning moved through me as I stretched arms, wrists, fingers, neck, spine, legs, and toes, catlike, from one posture into the next. In some innately intelligent way the yoga seemed to be redistributing my libido throughout my body with each sensation. Even my genitals tingled enigmatically, yet without any focused urge or desire for sexual release. Instead, they seemed to be giving up their somewhat separate willfulness, merging more and more seamlessly with the rest of me.

Indeed, what I had previously called sexual feelings began to change in a radical way. Impossibly, or so I had thought until then, the urge to masturbate or have sex just went away. To be sure, I still felt strongly attracted to women, but any desire to have sex, to even have fantasies about having sex, faded into an occasional dream - for years very potent dreams, and later dreams of great serenity, devoid of sexually arousing imagery.

I knew that I could never have caused such changes to occur by an act of will or choice. Why would I have wanted to? But now that they were happening, I could see why: increased emotionality, stronger bodily coursings of the life force, and a boost of creativity were some initial results.

... The writings of Freud, Reich, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and Hite no longer appeared so convincing as the welcomed and long overdue bibles of sexual truth, but instead were emerging to me as historically and politically determined theories of sexuality. If there was a "function of the orgasm," as Reich insisted, there was also a function of sublimation that was far more positive than any of these psychologies had realized. The modern mandate to "have sex, or at least masturbate!" was betraying an element of freedomless compulsivity.

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