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Sometimes, I find myself turning my thumbs, not too sure how to use my time best. It doesn't happen very often, but still, I could use this time constructively.

It also happens that at those times, I am thinking about you, awesome gals and guys, who are on an unorthodox discovery journey.

The idea to have some kind of tool (the simplest of which being a diary, or a blog on this site) where you can keep track of your progress has been floating around more or less ever since Marnia and myself set up this forum. A spread sheet (link?) has even been kindly provided by one regular member, to mark your on and off days.

At the same time, Gary and Marnia are facing a scientific community unwilling to set up a proper experiment to prove (or disprove, as the case may be...) this web site's thesis. '"Paraphilia" simply cannot be the subject on an empirical research.'

Obviously, the ideal would be for us to conduct our own study: the Reuniting community has grown a lot in the last few years and now counts quite a few regular contributors.

A custom tool could help in two ways:

  • First it would help the community members on their own journey, as a yardstick to measure their own progress.
  • In addition, the data could be compiled to provide trend lines, hopefully bringing some empirical evidence for Gary and Marnia's research.

Obviously, at, we have always taken your privacy very seriously. None of the data that may be published would be traceable to any single individual. The data may look more like an average from a sample group of individuals.

In order to benefit each single member of this community and the broader research objectives, the tool has to be well thought out and well developed, which will take a fair amount of time (and I hinted above that I am mostly not idle...).

The first step would be to draw a very precise cahier des charges (specifications / requirements).

This is were I need you:

  1. First developing such a software (fully integrated to this web site) is a large undertaking. One (i.e. me) would want to make sure it is not done in vain and that it would be used by a large enough number of people to make it really useful. Would you regularly (daily) use such a tool if provided?
  2. Second, since first and foremost you'd be the ones using it, it must include all the features you'd find useful. What functions would you like it to have? What features? How do you expect the software to help you (by providing insights into your medium range -- weeks -- energy cycles, etc.)

If many people contribute to this thread (as I am hoping), the discussion can easily be sidetracked and important details be lost.

So, the most helpful thing you could do, is go to the following page and edit it! (you should be able to). Help to draft an organized document that will help the developer (myself or someone else) as a guideline to design the internals of the software (how to organize the data in the database).

Remember: the link above leads to a wiki page that you can edit. You are encouraged to do so.


the site janitor.