Porn addiction support

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I bought their suite some 6 month ago and recovered completely. Thumbs up.

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aren't very welcome here, but I'll leave this one for the moment because this challenge is so tough.

If anyone else has any feedback on this system, I hope he will add it here.


I'm glad you did share your good news. We'd love to hear more about your experience, if you care to share. I've enabled you to blog.


The software is packed with useful info like .pdf files and e books, also some multimedia materials like audio book (mp3). For me it was enough to read all the material packed on CD and to understand what the problem is. The important part is relapse prevention which helped me not to return to my usual habits. I developed porn addiction in my 30's (I am 46 now). The reason was my partner left me and I started developing nasty habits like spending money to porn sites, paying for sex etc. I realized I have a problem some ten years ago when I started struggling with this disease as I like to call porn addiction. I intend to write more about my life on this forum when I have time. This is all from me for now. Thanks to all good people on this forum who are sharing their problems with the rest of the world! I know how you feel folks! I've been there!