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I cant believe how powerful it is to try and stay away from porn or even masterbation. So far it's been 5 days since ive considered going back for more. with the forum, im hoping to find the answers i need to maintain a healthy dating life, without porn or bad sexual temptations. It's sad to say that im more turned on by what the computer has to offer than a woman. So a lack of sexual desire is usually present when with someone. If i stay away from porn and lose the long does it take to be back to normal?

give it a couple weeks and

give it a couple weeks and you will definitely see changes in how arousing "normal" women seem. also, masturbation can subtly affect your priorities and decisions in my experience. whether to go out or stay in, for example. that may help your dating life.

Just completing day six

myself, with gritted teeth and trying to draw up and disperse energy into the body. So tracking your progress and hope we can get to two weeks together. Seems a high mountain to climb, not having done it from the age of 8, seems like lifetimes ago. Mind really playing tricks to get me on that dopamine rush, as well as tense and sort of tingly.

Trusting that it will get easier after two weks- difficullt to envisage the existence that awaits, as self medicating has been such a fundamental part of my 'reward system'. Finding pleasure in the simple things in life is something i take on trust at the moment.


Trying to apply the practice of meditation through the body Marnia, just to get through the day. Almost in overdrive with physical work and weight training and letter writing, but still feeling edgy and full of self justification for the old habit. The head is saying live fully in the moment, the heart is saying you are here for spiritual progress, this is what you want on your death bed, the lower region is saying connect to this world through gratification, not harming anyone paticularly its' just electrons dancing around.

Nine prostrations now, eat, film, standing meditation with drawing up energy-bed and hold on!



Yeah, that little voice is very loud. But here's the can tell it's a bit exaggerated because you're just trying an experiment for a few weeks. You're not cutting off any parts. Wink

Worst case, the "fully in the moment" solution of orgasm can be applied such that you can make up for any lost time later on. *giggle* I'm not suggesting you do that. I'm just suggesting that that little voice can rationalize anything so that it makes perfect sense. Ask any alcoholic!

I'd like to say, too, that your decision matters. Not just for you, and your state of mind, but also for everyone you connect with. I don't say this to make you feel bad if you decide to "trot around the old track again." I say it to thank you for making the effort, and tell you that it's much appreciated...just as the men in my life seem to very much appreciate my increased equilibrium. LOL


for pointing out my selfishness on two counts. Not just for me, basic to be acting for all sentient beings , but of course not seeing beyond my own inner tension at the moment. Also to forget real victims behind the pictures, may be abused, certainly chasing their own fantasy of glamour to escape the mundane