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This forum is very quiet. Only one post so far (this is the second). It's a shame...

Most members of this small community have experienced the tremendous benefits of 'reservatus coitus', a.k.a. karrezza, sexual alchemy, etc...
This practice has had a huge positive impact in the life of each one of us.

The purpose of this web site is not at all commercial (it is run thanks to the generosity of Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson who shoulder all the hosting costs and other related costs). Its aim is educative, hoping to help people understand the root of many of their problems, and provide them with an answer, a solution...

Some of us must thank this web site for what we know and what we practice today.
Some of us came here because we found that it talks about the same thing we were already practicing.

We, the regular members of this small community, have much to be happy about.

The problem is that there are millions (litteraly) of people out there who would listen to and benefit from the message this web site is carrying. The problem is that nobody has told them. Not yet.

Should we carry on enjoying the delicious extasy of our love life, with our spouse or our partner, while disregarding the sad fate of the rest of the world's population?

Of course not.

This message is a plea to the community to come together, make this section of the forum alive, and share ideas on how to promote this site, how to share our knowledge, how to best reach out to people, etc...

What do you think?
What can be done, concretely speaking?
What have you done already, that other could do, too?

Together, let's make other people's lives happier.


New Guy

I have come here to this site because I read Walter List's website and found that what he called Karezza was what I've been practicing for years through my Taoist practices. Walter linked to this site.

Sacred Sex has the ability to open up one's psychic gifts. This is what I have experienced. I had a vision while hiking and pondering what to do next in my spiritual path. In this vision, I was told to stop hiding. I am a mystic and healer. My wife calls me a Sex God. I like that. It started to rain so I headed back to the car. As I approached my car, a lady opened her door and started to talk to me. Soon, a friend of mine walked up and joined our conversation. This all ended by Rosa and I giving this lady a healing right there in the parking lot. Awesome!

About 7 years ago, I was on a 3-Day juice fast. God told me to start studying sex. Coming from an orthodox religious background, this seemed out of line, but I did it and that lead into Taoist practices and a 'mild' kundalini raising (I didn't think it was too mild at the time). My wife loved the changes this brought into our relationship.

I just published a website that embodies most of what I've learned about the mystic's path and especially about sex. I would suggest that we ALL publish what we know about Sacred Sex on the web---anywhere we can.

I aim to be active in teaching Sacred Sex anywhere I can. That is what I got from my vision. One of my talents is to generate ideas. I am composing an ad to go on the web (wherever I can post it) to promote Sacred Sex workshops, not on line, but locally, where people can discuss this face to face. I plan on approaching the metaphysical stores in my area and offer to teach classes on this stuff. What can each of you do to promote Sacred Sex?

A funny feeling that people get when approached about sex education---

I'm reading Daren Brown's book at the moment and he found it odd that people he saw at church would whisper, "Why is HE here. He's that guy who does hypnotism, isn't he?" How had his interests in the human mind made him nonreligious? He wondered that too, and was amused,. probably hut as well.

This is how it is with teaching anything about sex. If you talk about it, others see you as out of line, against the 'church'. Just try bringing up Sacred Sex in a social gathering, at your next family reunion perhaps, and see what response you get.

Sam is my name. I'm proud of saying that I know a lot about this kind of sex. I talked about it to my son-in-law a couple of days ago. He rolled his eyes but listened. Part of the problem is that people consider the subject of their own sexuality to be too private to bring into the open, and, heaven forbid, they wouldn't dream of describing their sexual experiences to anyone. I don't feel that way. If we can't be open about what is really happening to us in bed then how can we teach others what we know?

Could you stand up in front of 20 strangers, or even worse, a group of close friends, and describe just what it is that you do in bed that is so fantastic and healing? I am soon going to find the answer to that question for myself.


Karezza for Dummies

My wife and I stumbled into this practice about a month ago and I have found this website and your book very helpful. I would like to share three suggestions.

1. Write a book called Karezza for Dummies. This would look like any of the hundreds of other "For Dummies" books. The light hearted style and smaller information chunks would help bring in people who are naturally skeptical of a practice that is not in our culture at all.

2. Write a book, or maybe just a chapter in a larger book, called Karexxa for Teens. If I needed to explain our love-life to someone in a way that is simple and to the point, I would say that we have reverted to being a couple of teen-agers and that we make out for an hour or two, every night. It is amazing. Here is the point, if we are going to tell teens that "True love waits", then we ought to be able to describe a love life that is worth waiting for, what is OK if you are dating, or engaged, and what might be better left for married life.

3. Write a pamphlet, short and gentle but to the point, that physicians could give to their patients who are facing sexual difficulties. We are in our sixties. My plumbing works just fine, hers less so, but this is no barrier to having an astounding and completely wonderful love live. The idea of People taking pills to regain the outer aspects of sexual function leaves me feeling pretty depressed.

Anyway, thanks for a terrific book and website. I feel newlywed with my wife. It is wonderful.

Sharing our knowledge, making a difference

Thankyou for this post. I have many a time felt there was more I could be doing.

If some-one able could design a flier advertising this site, especially making the point that it was is not commercial, I would be happy to print copies out and stick them up on notice boards in my area.
Another thing we could do is suggest our local libraries purchase the book, although honestly I have procrastinated doing it myself yet because of shyness, but with this wake up call I do it asap.

Thanks again.

Sharing our knowledge, making a difference

Thank you for your replies Smile ,

About the flyer, your simple text is a good start. I like the black and white photo, but the drawing of the naked couple is a bit too much for public display...

Do you know how to create a pdf document? (I never have myself, but I could learn...). The text and the picture should be worked into a pdf document so that members can easily print it. It doesn't have to be perfect design-wise at the beginning, as long as we make a start. Later on, others more talented people will come and offer alternative versions of the flyer...

Getting libraries to order the book is a very good idea. Let us know if anybody manages to convice their local library to do so.
Generous members can also buy several copies and distribute them to close friends or relatives.

Shyness is a valid concern. Obviously, everyone should do only as much as they are confortable with.

Don't underestimate the value of promotting this site on other sites on the web. Many (most) of us are members in different online communities. Many such communities have an area for bookmarks and such.

When posting on mailing list or message boards, if shyness is not an issue, you can use your signature to add a link to the site, like this:

Intimate Relationships, peace and harmony in the couple.


Healing with Sexual Relationships

or anything similar.

It doesn't matter if the forum or the mailing list where you use this signature is not related. People have many interests, but we all have a desire for a sexual relationships, one way or the other...

This is particularly efficient in mailing lists with public archives and boards open to non-members (even read-only). Search engines like google will then pick up the links, and that will increase the ranking of the site.

The more links there are pointing to here, the more likely people are to find us, either directly, following the links, or via a google search (like many already do every day).

Just a few more ideas. I'm sure each member will choose the ones they feel more confortable with.



What is non-commercial in your view? I thought you meant that the poster shouldn't advertise our book, which I totally agree with.

However, I can't make too many claims about how "non-commercial" the site is, since there IS a book for sale there, if you look closely. I could maybe add something like "This is an educational site and forum for sharing ideas." Would that do it?

education/idea sharing

Yes, Marnia, I think that's the way to go. It's less intimidating, I think, if people feel like this is something they can explore, or not. I also think it's wonderful that it's online, because many might be reluctant to check the book out of a local library, but would have no problem wandering around the site in a more private setting.
I just started working for my local Department of Health. In my dreams, this kind of information could be offered at the Planned Parenthood clinic along with contraceptive and other reproductive and sexual health information. Not sure what that would look like.
I am known by my friends and family as a voracious reader, lifelong learner, explorer, and I have had this subject fall flat with a few of them, too.
They applaud my desire to explore, but don't know if they're ready to look at it personally. I have forwarded the site information to some of them, one of whom is a nurse, and another who does energy healing, so that's a start.
I am not partnered at the moment. I sure am looking forward to having some practical experience of Karezza I can share!


By non-commercial I was echoing what webadmin said in the
first post of this thread:

The purpose of this web site is not at all commercial (it is run thanks to the generosity of Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson who shoulder all the hosting costs and other related costs). Its aim is educative, hoping to help people understand the root of many of their problems, and provide them with an answer, a solution...

I do think "This is an educational site and forum for sharing ideas" should be added. Otherwise the poster is great as is. (I did like the other picture too, it spoke a lot, but I too thought it might offend some.) Perhaps it could also include something along the lines of "Interested to know how you can deepen your bond with your current partner and bring back that spark?" although that may be already implied by whats there was just a thought.

Two to a page is good. I also had the idea to drop them in people's letterboxes whilst out for a stroll in the neighbourhood, because if only one person looks up the site then it is worth the effort.


Thanks for your help, Claire. Great suggestions.

Here's the corrected version. If other improvements occur to you, feel free to suggest them.

On another subject, we got invited to Australia for March (a good friend of ours here is visiting her family in Melbourne). We're trying to decide if it's worth making the trip. Can you think of any groups that might like to hear a presentation on this material (we can tailor it more toward the science or more toward the metaphysics)?[1].pdf


As a past contributor, I have done much to try to stimulate some sharing here. I know from the counter that my posts have been viewed and people have seen content, theoretical, practical, personal, poetic and technical. I have offered my knowledge and even my friendship and there was barely a peep of interest along the way. So I decided to make myself invisible as well, and began sharing with other groups that show a sign of life. I have not forgotten my stay here and always make a point to mention PEACE. I will be back if others begin to share. In the mean time I follow the Mother and my muse.


Poem attributed to Leyla

Evoking you is heavenly praise,
your bosom a temple and me
the praying hermit, adoring you.

Sharing our knowledge, making a difference

I wondered what happened to you. I understand your frustration. I've been too busy redoing the main web site to put much energy into the forum for the last few months. We're thinking about setting up the main web site so that people can comment directly on articles...and doing away with the forum. Hopefully that will stimulate more activity. The web site is also getting a lot more hits in its new format, so that may have a trickle down effect in the meanwhile.
In any case, I always have enjoyed your posts, and they have influenced my reading, thinking and writing. So you have not been unappreciated!


I feel like I'd like to share and believe in the benefits of sexual chastity but have not been able to achieve that state completely yet. I'm not the sort to really talk or rave about things if I haven't experienced it for myself. Although I believe in the benefits and am working very hard to get there, I'm still not there yet. When I am then I'll really feel like sharing my experiences and how it can help others. At this point in my journey, I've had a couple of dream orgams which then seemed like everything else unravelled and then some physical ones followed based on my body being oversensitive and then to the point when I wanted to take a break from it. I found that after an intentional orgsm that things became extremely difficult, with a lot of mental pain and physical pain in the testies for about a week now. Peace mentions that thoughts and feelings for "regular" sx would skyrocket. In my case, that has been a great understatement. I'm trying to get things back on track because I believe ultimately in sxual chastity. It's just going to take a bit longer before I can start raving about how great everything is about it.

Re: Sharing

singh wrote:
I'm not the sort to really talk or rave about things if I haven't experienced it for myself.

There is much wisdom in this attitude, and I appreciate it a lot. Smile

That's precisely why the description of this forum starts with:

You already know from your intimate experience about the benefits of 'coitus reservatus' a.k.a. Karezza, Sexual Alchemy, Tantric Union, etc...

We were only asking the people who already have this kind of intimate experience to help spread the word. As Marnia pointed out to me, it may be a while before this community becomes really active, because it takes a while to experiment, fall, try again, before experiencing the wisdom of it all...

So, the people who are have only been practicing for a few weeks or a few months, the best they can do is keep experimenting and experiencing with their partners this new way of Loving.

Meanwhile, some of the comments you made here could profitably be shared in the "Eureka!" forum which is precisely there to share the insights people gain along the way. This is also a great way to share with others.

Thanks for your postings.

Blessings to you and your partner.

Sharing knowledge

I cannot agree more. I found this website by accident and am deeply impressed. I bought the book and can't wait to read it. Meanwhile, I am reading the articles on the website and the posts in the Forum. Yes, it is a great idea to reach to others. I myself needed to find this website several years ago.

Re: Sharing knowledge

maria wrote:
I cannot agree more. I found this website by accident and am deeply impressed. I bought the book and can't wait to read it. Meanwhile, I am reading the articles on the website and the posts in the Forum. Yes, it is a great idea to reach to others. I myself needed to find this website several years ago.

Hello Maria,

Welcome on board!

To tell the truth, we all needed to find this information years ago... when we reached puberty! Wink

I was wondering how you found us, so I created this topic to ask everyone the same questions:
Would you like to be the first one to reply?

I you feel like helping to spread the word, you're very welcome. Just let us know how you feel you can help best: it will encourage others (and myself) to do likewise...