We're not naturally monogamous...

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so we need to do something differently if we want to promote monogamy from within and gain the many health benefits of close trusted companionship.


Comments from a reader on above article

Thanks for sending me that article. It was very interesting and I learned many new things. But I think that the many purported fitness gains for female promiscuity that you and the article enumerate are, though very intriguing, mostly hypotheses that need much more empirical evidence before we can except them as facts. All the relevant data that we do possess on the evolved designs of the human brain indicate that the male inclination to a multiplicity of mates is FAR more robust than that of women.

To take just two examples, consider modern cultural artifacts and the sexual natures of homosexual men and women. The modern market for pornography and other forms of visual erotica is virtually completely male and only men pay for the services of prostitutes. These psychological facts shows, at least to me, that men are FAR more stongly designed for multiple mating than are women.

And all studies show that male and female homosexuals are extremely different in their erotic natures; gay men often have enormous numbers of partners and lesbian women tend to have fewer even than straight women, indicating that once the sexes no longer have to compromise their innate desires and dispositions with each other, their sexual behaviors tend to diverge quite markedly.

That's why I see programs such as yours as tending to apply most powerfully to MEN, as we're the greatest offenders, having sex drives that are the most out of sync from what the rational mind can see is most likely to bring happiness in the modern world. Just my two cents.