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Playing Skip Bo with Isadora. I need to get my 10 off, she leaves a 9 in play. But I don't see it! I am so concerned about my need for a 5 that I don't see the gift she has given.....see a parallel?

Away for 2 nights....alone in a hotel....Thursday flipping through the TV channels. I see a naked woman dancing and stop to look...looked for a while....saw her fuck a couple of hard and left it alone. Friday I'm pissed off when those images come back to me. I'd rather remember my Isadora's goodbye kisses....yes, several....some lingering....not a single fast peck of obligation.
How do single people get past this? You guys are amazing.
Got home yesterday and I was in her bed this last night and this morning. I'm feeling some progress in appreciating being with her, close, and not expecting more....being happy and appreciative for what I have....not obsessing about her passivity or why am I with a woman who will let me touch her but doesn't seem to want to touch me....let it go. Enjoy the present and stop worrying about what may or may not be.

Helen Fisher (Anthropology, Rutgers) has written about dopamine and love



Things are pretty sweet around here. A few nice hugs and kissses every shying, some desperation! In bed together morning and night all through the weekend.
More than 3 weeks post O for my Izzy and a couple of months for me.
She thought of masturbating Sunday night but honored our agreement to do it with me. I got real excited when I heard about it yseterday and proposed an early bed, but she was no longer feeling it. And that is OK...amazing for me to say. It's OK for me to want and for the wanting to pass...for either of us.
Diana Gabaldon "A Breath of Snow and Ashes"[quote] usual in such matters, God's sense of humor trumped all imagination.[/quote]


is such a perfect word. It's subtle, but we get really attached to that sweetness. And the best part is that it comes from within.