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I bought my Kindle ebook reader from about 4 months ago and I have to say that its the best gadget I have had for ages. I can now travel without having to lug around a whole library. Apple have managed to come out with a competing product which has a bigger color screen but a reatively short battery life. Heck knows which is the best.

I managed to convert the downloadable Karezza books to the Kindle format and its great to be able to carry over 1000 books in one small gadget. So I vote for Cupid to be available in various eBook formats so that more people can enjoy it.

You are

probably the fifth person to write about this. I totally agree. I love the idea of paperless (treeless) books. I spoke to my publishers about it early on. They distribute their books through Random House now, and Random House controls how many books can be "Kindle-ized," so they put me off with a vague, "We'll see...."

I'm encouraging people who want to see a Kindle version to email my publisher's marketing guy directly. I think that will have more effect than my nagging. Smile

Anyone who wants to help encourage a Kindle edition can email:

Drew Cavanaugh
Distribution and Marketing
Phone: 510-549-4270

Lets Nag this Guy to Death

OK, I have sent off my nagging email. Come on gang! Lets nag the heck out of this publisher guy until he gets so sick of our emails that he surrenders.

If that does not work we can resort to phoning him up as well until he gets sick of our calls.

I was one

who asked Marnia about the book on Kindle or some other ebook format. I use an IPod Touch to read my books on, and I can do the Kindle books from Amazon on it as well. It's convenient because it even clips to my belt so it is always with me (something you can't do with a Kindle or IPad). I've read several books on it and it has become my preferred way to read a book as it is easy to hold it in one hand and flip pages while my other hand holds a glass of tea or cup of coffee to sip. I've grown to not care for holding bulky books in my hands and needing more than one hand to flip pages, much less hold them open while I read.

I sent my email to the guy sometime back. No response. But I know what the pub houses are doing with this. They have this innate fear that ebooks will decrease sales of their hardback and paperback versions, so what they tend to do is hold off the ebook release until the paperback has spent some time on the market. Though that isn't how they always operate. I've seen some books come out with both paperback and ebook versions at the same time. But that tends to be the reason behind why they hold off on coming out with the ebooks.

Also, on Amazon's web page for the book, you can find a link where you can request a Kindle version. I think they send these to the publishers, and if they get enough request for a Kindle version, they may relent, or push up the time table for getting out if they see there's enough demand for it.


Great to get some insight.

The internet and electronics are changing the playing field for the publishing industry. This includes music, publishing and newspapers. No one knows where it will all go.

So I suppose there is a tendency to want to hold on to what they have got and feel is secure. They must be in quite a quandary.