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Gee guys, do ya think my looking at porn on Monday led to my orgasm on Sunday? First O since 11/14/09.....who would've thought an enthusiastic wanker for decades would voluntarily go 5 months without cumming? Of course there were lots of reasons (including my bad behavior, going on strike, and all that) that led to having a delicious time with my Isadora. It was pretty much yoni worship and when she asked for an O, I could not deny her (her first since Jan). One thing led to another..... I'm still seeking karezza.

I'm wishing I had kept up Amari's Self Tracking Chart 'cause there certainly have been ups and downs in spite of my "continence". I'm gonna start today. It would be supportive to see other people's charts....maybe attached to their "Account" page....or posted on a wiki? I could check out how Daffy Duck or Time for a Change or Tantra11 is doing today.
Are you doing one? Why not? How's it working for you?


Why Now?

Marnia asks. I'm seeing waves of anxiety and depression in my life. No orgasm seems to have stretched out the in-between times and shortened the bouts.....but I'm not sure. Amari's self tracking tool is cool and I would like to have that data for the past 16 months. Since I had an orgasm yesterday, I figure now is a good time to start.
I would like to hear from people who are using it and from Amari how to read the chart.
Charting Dark Waters