Day 2 Whats to come

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Hey eveyone today is day two. Can someone give me a idea of what my body and mind will feel like in the upcomming week. I 25 years old, pretty health, and i get outside alot. So i should be able to fight anything that way.
But i have been view P while M/B for about 7 or 8 years. Pretty regularly somewhat on a daily basis.
But iam working with someone and a great book called the porn trap and it seems to be helping. But this is only day 2.
So again what is in store for me for the next weeks?

I answered this post instead:

But it might work best if you simply talk about what you experience during withdrawl. That way people can offer more specific advice. Everyone's recovery is slightly different. Brain chemistry is affected by more than just masturbation to porn. Smile Childhood, gender, other genetic variations, length and severity of addiction, and even your current mood and the stresses of your life bear on your personal experience.

The "Wiki" is the best place to find general advice of the type you're seeking.

*big hug*