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In a personal improvement course I am taking it says that "Sarcasm is society's acceptable form of emotional abuse." (Hu D. SM)

Believe me, there is a lot of hatred in me right now for that form of communication.

It's impersonal, indirect, meant to take people on a joy ride for their own (the one dishing it out) enjoyment at the others' expense.

People who communicate with innuendo's are not genuine and are IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) just plain mean.



Not sure why you'd say *that*.

Why would that even be an issue? I mean what does the entire generation have to do with it? Even so, or whatever... how about trying to figure out why the hell people would choose to communicate that way? What function does it have? I DID say it was "emotional abuse". So what if it *is* the whole generation. What of it, huh? Oh, it doesn't matter. I'd be better off coming to the understanding that I don't need to communicate with anyone who is that way and to stop expecting other people to be different than what they are. Worse yet, maybe they are sarcastic because they are showing up to mirror myself in some way. Oh well... nothing like learning how to set boundaries or protect your own boundaries in the presence of humiliating words. What EVER. I'll take it... it's growth at least, unlike those who are sarcastic who don't think there's a damn thing wrong. Another what EVER.

Your New Image

Daffy, first, I really enjoy reading your posts, but I gotta add that the new cute, warm, fuzzy Teddy Bear photo you've added to your posts seems a bit incongruous to your personality. The old image seemed to fit you to a "T". I was wondering why the change?

*Some* sarcasm

is playful and some is hurtful and meant to be mean. It's amazing how many people hold their sarcasm as a personality trait that they are proud of. There *could* be a revised definition that would include space for people who are just trying to make you laugh without it being at anyone's expense. Whatever the case...I didn't mean to offend Daffy.