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In searching for something else, I ran across this site, and I was very touched by the relatively non judgmental nature of the support the members gave one another. It is intended for those of the Jewish faith.

and specifically this sub forum: Break Free


Background for this thread

Recently a forum member privately asked me a question:

I'm now a peer counselor for students having trouble in their classes. They have OCD, bad sleeping habits, poor social skills, name it. All the symptoms talked about here associated with withdrawal. I want to tell these students so much about this, but I would get into a lot of trouble. "Hey, stop jerking off to porno, that's why you're getting a D". That wouldn't go over too well. But it would really help them. Perhaps there is as neutral site where some good personal habits are explained where this is one of them?

These 20-year old kids have no idea what is happening to them. They are depressed, stressed, compulsive, etc. And they are really bright people and want success and the good things in life as much as anyone else. How can I do this without sounding like a pervert? I am pushing social skills, sleeping habits, diet, and exercise, but they need an "overhauling" approach in the end because some of their habits are so deep.

Does anyone have a suggestion about such information?

Quizure wrote:

Young Adults are especially vulnerable to Addictions in general

20 somethings can be addicted to a lot of things - not just pmo - and many of the other addiction sites or groups usually have a section that covers porn/sex. Most of the college have counseling centers, and they probably have lots of brochures on various addictions that the counselor could 'make available' without getting into trouble. <----- This one looks *really* useful in general. And there's a mailing list for counselors, which could be of great benefit.