♥My karezza experiment

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I'm ready to try a karezza-style approach for 3 weeks. I'm not going to masturbate and I'm going to be laissez-faire regarding orgasms during lovemaking. I suffer from delayed ejaculation so that likely means I won't have any orgasms.

I also plan to practice a lot of bonding behaviors. My girlfriend and I really love these and they come easily to us.

It's now been over 3 weeks since I used porn or video chat and I don't miss them at all. In fact, I feel physically and psychologically better and I'm intrigued to see how karezza will affect me. If nothing else I'm sure I'll learn a lot in the process.


Girlfriend is ala carte

She really likes the idea that orgasms are optional. It takes a lot of pressure off both of us and keeps our lovemaking light and playful. She also likes the bonding behaviors and appreciates how reducing the frequency of orgasm can help us stay more intimately connected overall. At this point she would still like to have an orgasm whenever they come easily -- probably once or twice a week.


We also discussed how it's nice to know about karezza because it seems like it can help us have a great sex life as we get older.


That's nice to hear. I really look forward to trying the exercises with my girlfriend and am grateful to hear of your success.

Sixth Day

Today is my sixth day sans orgasm and I feel fine. I think a juvenile part of me worried my Johnson would fall off or something :)

Even though I've been in a few long-term relationships I think my emotional and sexual development has been stunted. Learning about brain plasticity has made me confident that I can learn just about anything -- even emotional and sexual intimacy. I'm practicing mindfulness and acceptance in my relationship and I find this is helping me improve in these areas.

Things Are Great

I'm happy to report my struggles with delayed ejaculation are over. For me it was simply a matter of 1) stop using porn and 2) start making love without worrying about having an orgasm. I seem to easily reach orgasm at a frequency of about once a week or so.