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Hi everybody,

I'm new here but I want share my knowledge with you. In the search for online help for my addiction I found this interesting website
that has good articles. I just want to share this I recently read http://quitporn.net/blog/2010/08/golden-future/ that says there's hope for us.
I choose this word as message for all of us " you must try to eliminate negativity and trust on positive, as you get more and more positive, your trust level and courage will increase, courage bring new opportunities to life, new wonders to life, and if you make courage as a habit, life will become golden". Hope you will like.

You're right

that focusing on the positive is an excellent habit to develop. But it's also wise to see how you feel once your brain is back in balance. Then you have more options. However, whatever works for you is good for you! Smile

Golden future

What called my attetion in this article is that we have a better future distant from porn. In other words, there is hope for us to change and be free.