Uncle Bob's Porn Recovery Tips

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Nice. I noticed it was

Nice. I noticed it was thoughts from all of us before reading your words. Clearly, I spend too much time on here. Wink We're collectively Uncle Bob. It's not quite the Oracle, but damn close.


How did you do it? (The pic and the refresh thing? I could use something like that for my work to help teachers)
Could you send me a message?

I <3 Uncle Bob!

Also, JR's Plato quote really hit home with me this morning about fear.

Then I'm reminded of Yoda's wise words, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

I genuinely had an Uncle Bob

I genuinely had an Uncle Bob once. Kindest man I ever knew, brought me up in a playful and generous way and helped me in ways my own dad (who I love) never did/could. I wish I'd talked to him more when he was around - he's still very much alive in my memory.



Each time you refresh the page

you will see two comments in bold. They will almost always be new ones (the program pulls them up in random order).

The top comment is generally advice that men on this site have given other men...although there are some other little "gems" in there, too. Smile

The bottom comment is a recovery story shared by someone here.

I understand...

I understand how it works now... Just so used to scrolling to the bottom to see what's new I've been missing out what's at the top. (No reflection on my sex life)



You should have a crazy aunt

You should have a crazy aunt Mary too. She is VERY religious and has shaming quotes and tells you things like "Everybody's gonna know what youre doing because youre gonna grow hair on your palms" or "go look at yourself in the mirror the next time you do it... thats how other people see you" or "quit making the devil's breakfast..." or "If your mom or dad could see you now...". Aunt Mary would be completely insane.

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way.

Saint Marnia

She would offer forth the loving platitudes, big hugs, and gentle shoves in the right direction.

And she would look like Glinda the good witch from Oz.