Does wet dreams causes the same hangover?

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Or any hangover at all? I've never had them yet. The longest I've gone without masturbation is two weeks yet, which I have done several times but no wet dreams yet. The last months I have restrained for two weeks, slipped and binged for 1-2 days, then restrained for two weeks again, slipped and so on. Obviously, I find it hard to get passed two weeks but the good thing is that I think it gets easier and easier getting there. Now I can restrain for two weeks without effort (which was very tough when I started all this) but after that it gets tougher. But I'm not giving up.

Anyhow, like the topic says. For all of you who had wet dreams, did you notice any hangover from it? I'm on day four or so now and I think the worst effects of the hangover is from about day two too day five. After that it usually gets a little better from each day. I really don't like that the voice gets shallow and sounds a little sore during the first week after the orgasm. How about after wet dreams?

People have different experiences

with wet dreams. In some cases, perhaps after the brain has returned to balance, the person notices nothing during the days following. Other people (women have dream orgasms, too!) definitely notice mood changes, extra horniness, increased anxiety, and so forth during the days after a wet dream.

Trust the process. There's no point in trying to fight wet dreams; they're perfectly natural. That said, some people have noticed the following things sometimes trigger them:

  • watching/reading hypersexual materials
  • eating lots of chips or other junk food

See what you notice - and share it here. And realize that your experience may evolve over time.

Thanks for the answer

Thanks for the answer Marnia. Yes, a thing could be to just let go of the controlling thoughts of all this and like you said, just trusting the process. :)

By the way, I had a nice experience on the bus today. I kept a long eye contact with a woman while passing by her to get to a seat. She really looked me in the eyes for along and nice time. And then she went off before me and faced me while moving to the doores, and we had a long moment of eye contact again and we did smile at each other too. That was nice.. to bad there weren't any time to have a small chat.

With all the wet dreams I've

With all the wet dreams I've had... the hangover doesn't last very long, but it feels weird. My symptoms have included feeling cold, having a headache, feeling physically weaker, and when I try to go back to sleep, experiencing a bizarre sensation of detachment that I can't accurately describe. I can't tell you if it's like getting high, as I've never done drugs... but it might be somewhat like that. Hate that feeling.

During the next day, after getting some more sleep, I feel more relaxed than normal... but not in a truly benign way. More in a low-energy sort of way.

I can't confirm it myself, as my willpower sucks, but I've read accounts of people doing deep breathing exercises in between periods of sleep to eliminate wet dreams. Your mileage may vary. Whatever you do though, don't do them right after ejaculating -- it might hurt you, trying to channel sexual energy you don't have.

My experiences with wet dreams:

I have noticed a telling connection between stressful outside circumstances, and wet dreams. Particularly, moving. Even if I am not notably stressed by the moving, something about feeling "unrooted" and "repotted", seems to be subconsciously disorienting. A lack of consistency by any measure, can trigger it in me also. Or repressed negative thoughts, such as fears and anxieties that I haven't addressed outloud or discussed with my partner.. It's strange to see how connected our physiology is to our mind. I usually take a wet dream as a sign to examine my thoughts and confront and resolve whatever is getting under my skin.