Meditation induced changes seen on MRI

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I read lots of geeky blogs - BoingBoing being one of them. They posted this article today about a study done that's to be released in "Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging" that shows that Meditation has measurable effects on the brain.

This is a link to the Study:

Meditation, while maybe not a common practice for most people, is certainly socially acceptable, and part of the common continuum of healthy practices.

What if we called Karezza "Partner Meditation" - could we get a scientist to spare some time on an MRI machine to study the effects? We can dream, can't we?

But it seems more likely that a scientist could get some time on an MRI machine to study the brain before getting addicted to something like Porn (or Farmville!) and then what it looks like to recover from that addiction.


Awake in the present

Meditation/ Mindfulness can be shrouded in mystery and seemingly quite alien to everyday life, so a recent introduction to Eckhart Tolle and his association with nowness and the essence of 'being' in the present, has been useful to me and others i know.

I too believe the new healthy pathways can be forged intuitively through meditation and qui gong especially; it doesn't always have to be an act of will. If you believe at all in the Tao, then you are tapping into a universal force far greater than us and the old brain, what Tolle terms the Unmanifest. He in turn is drawing upon what the Upanishads called 'walking the ancient path'.

so I guess life and its challenges aint changed much...
regards to all who strive on a new path


Good point

Humans have been coping with this challenge for a very long time...more or less successfully, I'm sure. Today's hyperstimulating environment (combined with the loss of our tribes and sense of cultural security) has just made the challenge much greater.

Very interesting.

After reading the article, I am now feeling quite interested in starting mindfulness meditation.. I googled it and as usual got lots of results..
Can anyone point me to some good instructions/demo on how to do this meditation?

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