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Did you receive any offer to translate Cupid's in Italian?
I have many friends that should read it.
I know Peace between the Sheets has been translated.


What are the differences between Peace and Cupid, then?


I gathered Peace represents an old version of Cupid's, right?

Suppose I were to give Peace as a gift to a woman (who does not reads English).
What are the differences between Peace and Cupid's?

Is the structure different?

Are there chapters or informations missing?

Is there information in Peace that you found out to be wrong or misleading. Things I should warn about or against?

Cupid is longer

and has the science explained more thoroughly and with more recent research. It has extra chapters, including one on porn addiction. Smile Two of the new chapters are here:

Ch. 1:
Ch. 6 (porn):

I would say that the most important piece that is missing in "Peace," is the science behind WHY the Exchanges work. They work because they are fundamentally bonding behaviors. So if you can translate this article for her, it might help her understand why she's doing something differently:
"The Lazy Way to Stay in Love"

The same basic concepts are covered in both books, however.