Taoist Secrets of Love

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I saw "Taoist Secrets of Love" mention on this website somewhere, very interesting book

The loss caused by ejaculation is not limited to the physical sphere. Mental and emotional functions are profoundly influenced. Hormonal fitness directly effects personality and capacity for creative thought.

Correct practice of cultivation will help you develop powerful eyes. The opposite is true as well; improper sex can destroy the sparkle in your eyes.

Courage is usually at low ebb after ejaculation. One scares easily and reacts violently.

sometimes the author throws scientific terms carelessly, like 'testosterone'

But still, recommend to any who is looking for balance!

This book

was my first introduction to the jaw-dropping concept that men might be better off with fewer orgasms. It's definitely worth reading, although we think brain changes rather than semen loss may have more to do with the symptoms of excess he cites.

Gary has been frequenting a lot of forums on ED and masturbation questions of late, and it's amazing how the forum members, who obviously know nothing about Daoist lore on the benefits of semen conservation and the risks of excess, are reporting the *same symptoms* the Daoists recorded thousands of years ago: low back ache, fatigue, insomnia, fuzzy thinking, anxiety, etc.


In what regard. I'm assuming

In what regard. I'm assuming young males always masturbated to orgasm and when available used some pornography, albeit much less stimulating pornography. As we're talking about conservation in the non-orgasmic sense, I'm curious about communities that go the extreme not in the outward shaming way while other stuff is really going on, but in the inner real practice. There could conceivably be communities where males rarely orgasmed over their entire lives. Was that the case when you were growing up?


I saw somewhere inside it said "external locking" (physically claming the penis during ejac) only preserve 30-40% of "ching"

For 100% preservation he recommend no orgasm, even if he didn't link to brain changes

I think

Darryl had it right. The practice makes the orgasm less intense, and so the neurochemical hangover is less intense - and the man's perception is that he has "lost less energy."

I cant offer scientific

I cant offer scientific support but my personal experience is that it definitely makes a real difference. I'd put it at closer to 50%. I suspect its a combination of the orgasm itself and the semen loss, so stopping the semen loss will help, it sure has in my case. There's got to be something with what the Taoists say about the power/potency of one's semen and keeping in your body. Obviously a lot of it gets flushed out when you pee using this technque but I do believe some of the power/potency is getting reabsorbed.

I will say that the real point is not getting so close to the edge that one is resorting to this technique, especially on a regular basis. I mainly used it in the beginning when I was predominately using a Taoist approach and I was getting the hang of not orgasming.

Psychologically I believe it has a benefit as well because it helps interrupt the orgasm response. When you stop the orgasm/ejaculation in mid stream you don't get your full pleasure out of it, and in my case, the interupt helped to make wanting orgasms less desirable. Just seems to help break the cycle.