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I just want to say how unusually helpful the Oracle has been during my very recent break up with the most wonderful lover I've ever had, orgasm wise - and just plain *sensuality* wise. I know it may seem silly to some, but that darn thing has been spot-on sooooo much of the time, really helping me to keep my distance, even though I want nothing more than to be in touch with him, to keep the connection alive, even though I know that he and I are in, as he says, two different places. -I am in love and longing for a true, long lasting relationship, and he wants to keep it "casual." To me, there is not such thing as baring one's soul during passionate sex being casual. I think this is not atypical for male/female mindsets.

Anyway, thanks for having that interesting tool... I've found it very helpful and encouraging.

Glad the oracle is

offering *some* comfort. Sounds like you can use all the comfort you can get just now. Sad It's so hard to give up on a connection with so much potential. You can see all the pieces, but they just don't fit together right. *sigh*

Such situations make me think of J. William Lloyd's confident prediction a century ago, that women would inspire the shift to karezza. He didn't realize that women would be competing with hyperstimulating synthetic sexual cues. Smile

But as the Woman Movement grows I am sure
Karezza will come into its own. As women learn
its transcendent importance to their happiness
and health, they will demand it and refuse all men
that cannot supply that demand. That will be a
force that cannot be withstood.

Woman is by birth the Queen of Love and will
certainly assume her inheritance and control in
her own sphere and realm.

For more:

You go, J. William Lloyd!

He is so right~~once you have a taste of how good it can really be, how can you ever go back to "normal" sex?? I have told my lover if I died today, I would die happy because I feel I have now experienced true ecstasy and passion and will no longer live any of my days wondering about the "meaning" of life.

And I, too, love the Oracle~~although it works best when you really need an answer. If you just click on it for no reason, it doesn't work as well (for me). It has given me some insight I really needed and helped me see myself (not always in a good way!) in ways I needed to see myself.

Good luck to you, Penny! Don't settle for anything less than what you desire!


Thanks for the encouragement

I really need it. Every time I feel I MUST connect with him, I click on the Oracle instead and, lik you, sometimes I don't like what "she" points out, but even though the medicine is sometimes bitter, I really, really do want to the REAL thing. I enjoy your posts so much, and truly long for such a relationship. Thank you for sharing your story. It really does give me hope knowing that all of this Karezza stuff isn't just fairy tale bullshit, and that there are men out there who are willing to reach for the highest, truest kind of affection.

A new friend recently told me, "Want the best for yourself." It was so strange of a concept for me to consider. -Really made me stop and think why I've never considered such a viewpoint for myself. It might be a little late, but it's my New Year's Resolution.

Thing is, he's the best man I've ever been with, so of course I want him. Funny, kind, giving (but not of his heart), creative, sensual... I hope he comes back, but he might not. I had to cut him loose to go finish exploring. He doesn't want "serious" right now. There are so many bright, funny, lovely, loving women out there... I want to be the kind of woman he comes back to, but I might not be that person yet. I have sooo much growth ahead of me. It's daunting.

Today she said,

"Wait with confidence." I liked that. I read it this morning before work, and so got to contemplate it all day long. Made me stand a little straighter and breathe a little more deeply.

Letting go

I am so glad to hear that you are letting go with grace even though the situation is difficult, and glad that the oracle has been of help to you in this process.

May you draw to you a life long partner who loves, among other things about you, the space you provide for him to express his potency.

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don't know about *grace*... I've shed a river of tears. It is getting better day by day. I do so want what you and your exotic bird man (can't remember his moniker at the moment) have. Such precious tenderness is so very special. I thought that that is where my sweety and I were headed, and it hurt soooo much to find out otherwise. Still hurts. But the Oracle recently said I'm wallowing in self pity, so that was a good kick in the butt! She can be one tough bitch! (Gotta like that in a girl!)


I question myself so much... It is good to speak of it here, and with those close to me, and get the same feedback - that I've done the right thing. Now if I can get my heart to agree with what my head knows...