Problem with Erection

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I am 43. I have this problem of going soft right in the middle of the performance. I used to be great earlier, may be age is catching up. I understand that Viagra is good option but I have this fear of side effects (may be unfounded but still a fear), and I have history of drug reactions.

I have heard that there are some very effective natural stimulants are available. But I am even more fearful of bad stuff. Can anybody suggest a tried and tested natural stimulant or any other method?

Problem with Erection

Viagra can do good job for your kind of problem at your kind of age, but since your medical history is such, I won’t advice it, even your doctor won’t.

As for natural remedies, there are some wonderful Chinese and Indian herb medicines are available which are do as well as Viagra if not better minus the side effects. But yes there are some bad characters out there one needs to avoid. I would suggest you Aziffa, it is made totally from Chinese herbs and is quite safe. You can even go for free samples available from .


Yes, I agree that you shouldn't endanger your health.
Maybe if you didn't see it as a "performance," it wouldn't be such a big deal if you went soft sometimes.


My ex used Viagra while we were together, and I feel like it caused more discord between us. In our case, his erectile issues were not physical, but issues around intimacy. He was very "performance" oriented during sex, and also had a masturbation addiction.
Do, of course, what you think best, but in my mind, having a conversation with your partner might be a very good place to start. Perhaps there are other less erection-driven ways you can be loving with each other. There's a whole menu of them in the articles on this site.

Well, for starters, you

Well, for starters, you probably should be asking a doctor about it. Yeah, it's a situation that a lot of people don't like to talk about, but if you really want to know about Viagra and its side effects, especially how they might interact with you. That said, if you want to try something natural, just do your homework and know what it does.