When did you feel your ED was cured?

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Hello gentlemen -

I'm in Week 6 now, patiently waiting for the return of my healthy erections... And while I do that, I'm wondering if you would be kind to share at which point during reboot you actually felt your ED was cured (if you had any).

I'd like to know the following, if possible:

-When healthy morning erections started to return

-When you had sex successfully without ED problem

-If your penis in flaccid state began to feel "fuller", and if so, when

Any other insight/input are welcome too - thank you!

If you don't get answers,

you might consider reading the blogs of cyberbob82, likeanidiot and grey12. Those are three I can think of off the top of my head who have been through the process and documented a lot of their milestones.

Anyone who thinks his blog would be good, too, could chime in, or PM A10.


I love reading their blogs! [tanz]
According to their accounts, pivotal point for cyberbob and likeanidiot was at the end of Week 8. For grey12, it was past Day 80 (during Week 12)

My long history of PMO use is probably most similar to grey's background - so I'm betting my money on Week 12, or more like after "3 months"? I know I'm being kinda silly because everyone's different, but this way I don't feel like the road ahead is endless :)

Always the darkest before the dawn...

thanks for this! Knowing there are bigger waves ahead really helps.

This week actually has a sort of "plateau" feel to it, like I'm a little bored with the process or something - maybe that's why I'm not doing too well on avoiding TV and keeping my hands from touching myself down there - I thought I'd made up my mind about these things after reading your "Day 57" blog, but...

Anyway, congrats on "lots more sex"... way to trail-blaze before us, you stud!