Sex addiction and fertility

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Sorry for the language, as English is not my foreign.

On August I got a diagnosis - azoospermia (lack of sperm in ejaculation). I've checked levels of main hormones (FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin, TSH) and what occured is that prolactin level is a bit too high (24 while reference level is up to 19 - in some articles I've seen 15). Doctor said, that probably prolactine is not a problem, as this level shoudn't cause complete lack of sperm.

However, as I read articles on this website, I wonder if high level of prolactine may be result of sex addicion and frequent masturbating. Prolactine level is rising after orgasm. Is it possible, that it doesn't have time to drop down? I ejaculate 3 times a week, but I do watch porn everyday and often stimulate myself without having an orgasm. May it be the source of my problems?

I am taking a chance of not masturbating and not watching porn for a couple of months (if I manage). But prolactine rise after orgasm, not before, so something is wrong in my case. Frequent sex should rise dopamine (as a result of sex addiction), not prolactine. Am I wrong?

I think you could be onto something

What does your doctor say about this research?

"When men engaged in a “ten-day depletion experience,” ejaculating
an average of 2.4 times per day, their sperm output remained below
pre-depletion levels for more than five months."
[ Freund, M., “Effect of Frequency of Emission on Semen Output and an Estimate
of Daily Sperm Production in Man,” J. Reprod. Fertil., vol. 6, Oct. 1963: 269–285.]

I think most older doctors have NO idea how frequently men are masturbating now that the extremeness and novelty of Internet porn is so accessible. They've been taught not to make men feel guilty, which is great, but unfortunately, they are also in denial about the fact that the human male is not actually designed to be a fountain that's on all the time. Smile

My infertility doctor

My infertility doctor doesn't know about addiction. He recommends biobsy of testicles and ICSI. I am about to see another endocrinologist to get his opinion about this issue.
I am going to see if addiction recovery will give any effects in couple of months anyway. However, my concern is if I manage not to masturbate for such time. Have to try.
[of course English IS my foreign ;-)]

Your English is fine

Let us know what you discover. I really wonder if fertility doctors ever think about that research showing reduced sperm count from lots of masturbation. It's kind of old.

What are you doing to help yourself cut back? If you've been masturbating to porn, you might try a porn blocker like K9. Of course, it's also good to avoid porn fantasy, as that makes control very difficult too.

Good luck.

I thought about that...

Also by older brother has two children and he seems to be addicted too. However, he has phisical job and certainly doesn't have much time to watch porn during the day. I use internet in my job and I've spent every single free time watching porn.
To shattered: I wonder how often do you watch porn and how often do you masturbate?

And I will check the blocker - I think it may be helpful.

First results?

After 3 months of fighting with porn and masturbation (with not 100% success) my prolactine level decreased. However, my FSH has rised from 11,5 to 13,5 which is bad news. I do not know if these are connected. Rather not. I will try a bit longer and do tests again to check if my FSH is still rising. If so, I will have to make decisions about ICSI... :(

It's been a while... I've

It's been a while... I've seen a few doctors and what I know now is that my azoospermia has no obstructive reason. It may be genetics (although I made few tests) or former exposure to some kind of poisonous substance (which actually took place in my childhood). They've said it has nothing with frequent sex but they don't know the reason of my problem. They may be right or maybe IT IS something to do with porn. My prolactine level is still slightly high but I didn't manage to fully avoid porn in the internet :(