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Apparently, I read that building up semen volume does result in bigger balls and bigger penis due to the production of testosterone. Has anyone noticed any increase in testicular volume after abstaining from orgasm? I'd like to hear about it. In addition, I notice that the more excited I am, the firmer the testicles are. I think firm testicles mean that the testicles are in the process of producing testosterone. Anyone care to talk about their experience with these?

The way to increase penis

The way to increase penis size is to realize that your penis is an instrument of love and when used for loving, will grow in proportion to the amount of love you are able to give. I mean this in an energetic sense. The amount of love you can give is related to the amount of love a woman can receive from you. Find a woman who is ready to be fully loved and give her your love, and there will be no end to what your penis can do for her.

What she said!

It's an amazing thing, to have the feeling that my partner's penis is filling up my entire body or is my entire body.

Sounds crazy when I describe it that way, but that's exactly how it feels. And there's *no way* a few centimeters of tissue, more or less, is going to cause this kind of effect. It's about the energy connection, and that flows when we're open to both giving and receiving without reserve.


Goddesses like inspiring men to conquer dragons.


Sperm is only 2-5% of semen volume. Only sperm are produced in the testicles. The remaining 95-98% of ejaculate is supplied from other glands.

The increase in size of your testicles has nothing to do with sperm production. It is caused by vasocongestion, the same process that makes your penis erect. Put simply - filled with blood. That's why you notice the more excited you are, the firmer your balls....and penis.

Watching porn, or having sex will increase testosterone a bit, but so do many activities. Numerous factors increase or decrease testosterone. Testosterone is necessary for erections, but does not cause them. Nerve impulses cause erections.

As men recover from porn-induced ED, some report an increase in the size of their penises. This is caused by more nerve impulses from the spinal cord and brain. Healing the dopamine system in the brain results in more nerve impulses and greater vasocongestion.

This page has 3 links on testoreone;


Amen to what Hotspring and Quizure said!!

My lover now has a bionic penis Smile

And it's 50% my doing.

Whenever *I* am able to completely surrender and receive him with love and complete focus, his penis will stay hard (actually more sinewy than hard) what seems like FOREVER, lol.

This past weekend, he had an erection that lasted from about 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. This was a morning where it was rainy and I had nothing planned for us task-wise, so I was able to really, really relax and be present. Probably my best attempt since we started doing karezza. I was very, very proud of myself!

And what I got in return was a lover who just kept giving himself to me, showering me with love through his penis. It really was amazing. (and no blue balls, either, in case anyone is wondering, and he is 52 years old) We literally had to pry ourselves apart so he could go home.

I wish the young men on here who keep testing their erections and libidos (with no lover in sight) would realize that the woman plays such a significant role in this! When you are with a woman who loves all of you unconditionally and can receive you and love you, the erection will be there like you've never imagined. But there is no use in worrying about it beforehand because it's not going to happen until you are with the right lover!! ♥


"Females tend to feel

"Females tend to feel lacking when the male can't get it up" I hate that but you're right. I totally understand it too. If I had a woman not be receptive to me and when I ask why, she says something like "well, I would rather look at other better looking guys online and use my vibrator" I'd probably have a crushed ego as well. At least we,the guys on this board, are trying to do something about it. I'll bet there are a ton of douchebags out there who are hooked on porn and go and blame their wife or girlfriend for not being able to get it up, all the while knowing that they are the problem but won't do anything about it.

It's not exactly recycled.

It's not exactly recycled. It is either expelled in pre-cum, or it is driven into the bladder, hence the bubbles when you urinate after building up. This is after the person has exceeded the maximum capacity that the system can hold.

Are you saying that if you

Are you saying that if you don't ejaculate for a long period the fluids back up into the bladder? Doesn't work like that. I don't have bubbles in my urine and I have had some very long periods without ejaculation. Wouldn't celibate monks have bladders full of semen? Our glands are not static holding tanks.


This isn't at all a complicated matter... the reason that people get blue balls is because they have a strong desire to orgasm (subconscious or not), hence lots of energy accumulates in the sexual center of the body in response to that urge. Those afflicted by this need to move their focus AWAY from self-centered and negative emotions, no matter how subtle they may be, and instead toward positive, loving emotions and awareness, so that the energy from their activated sexual centers flows upward toward the heart and brain.

We put energy where we focus our minds. If you don't have that focus near your balls, and don't get lost in sensations, you won't get blue balls.

Rediscovered is right, there's no real need to tap anything.


My statements are based partially on personal experience, and on reading the postings of the Karezza practitioners on this site, and piecing it all together.

I've done some breathing exercises, mostly the Ham-Sah one, that I picked up from reading Gnostic literature, whenever I had the wherewithal to do so to recover from a relapse before it was too late, or to reduce the chance of a wet dream. The goal of that specific exercise is to move energy up the spine to the brain while breathing in deep, by keeping your focus locked between your eyebrows and imagining a spinning light, and then to move that energy down to the heart as you exhale quickly. It definitely helps elevate me back to a peaceful and balanced state, especially when I do it with intent and while sitting down for five or more minutes. It redirects your energy flow away from your genitals, and I can feel my heart getting lighter. I never have had blue balls after doing this... or after waking up with a lingering erection in the morning, for that matter. I think that where my focus was at those times had everything to do with it.

I can only speculate that the mechanics are the same when manipulating that same energy with a partner, although the sexual activation may be a prolonged constant, and the focus would be on your partner and not so much on visualization or on breathing. You would know the definitive answer to that, though.



i clicked the quote icon and that is what happened above. i feel so technically challenged. lol[/quote]


Sorry, recreatingone, for my reply!

This thread had garnered a little heart (which means it is mostly about karezza) and while I understand the concept of blue balls, the practice of karezza does not (at least not from what I have experienced with my partner and from what I have read here on the forum--perhaps the first time or two, but not after that) cause this state to happen.

As far as the prostate goes, my sweetheart has seen only Good changes since we have started making love this way. When we first met, he had signs of an enlarged prostate (typical for his age), but since we have been practicing karezza (and withholding his orgasm), he now has reversed the signs of prostate enlargement, e.g., his urine stream is now very strong and steady (no stops and starts) and also, he sleeps through the night without having to get up to urinate.

And this is just from making love for long periods of time without having an orgasm.

So I just didn't want to *scare* men away from the possibility of karezza by making them think they have to engage in some sort of "tapping" routine every time they make love!!



I thought recreatingone was responding to my post (since I am the only one who mentioned blue balls in this thread!)~~

The original poster seemed more concerned with his male parts getting bigger, not getting rid of pain, thus my confusion.

I was happy to see the thread turn into a nice homage to men showing love through their penises, rather than talking about size (size does not matter, guys!! lol!).


Oh hey

I just meant that attempting to massage my prostate would just make me want to jerk off. When I inevitably get blue balls after going a while without PMO I just deal with it. It eventually goes away. Actually I'm getting better at monitoring my mental state so as not to make it worse by fantasizing about sex and keep blood flowing to the penis.

Massaging prostate could

Massaging prostate could make you ejaculate, depending on how it's done. I assume that is not the goal. However, it is possible to massage without exciting too much. Be advised that ejaculation, as caused by prostate massage, will be very different from ejaculation resulting from penile stimulation.

hey i just understood something!

Maybe men are so scared about not-ejaculating because everybody knows that if you don't urinate you would get poisoned...
And since both fluids use the same releasing tube this could be the psychological cause of this "blue-ball-prostate-cancer"-anxiety.
Yes, urine is accumulating Wink and it is a fluid which is involved in the cleaning of the body.
And no, sperm is not accumulating (so these organs are not increasing like a stomack that is getting fuller and fuller) and it does not poison anybody's body, because it is not meant to be a fluid involved in garbage removal. It is ment to create.

I think this a major point in reasoning about it! Or was there anybody else talking about it, already? To me it was a sudden inspiration, heureka!