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Hey guys, to my knowledge I'm one of the youngest people on this site, 17 (almost 18). My situation seems very different from many other because I am not experiencing/suffering from: 1. ED 2. Sex 3. A super, hardcore, extreme porn addiction. I have however been masturbating daily since i was 14 so it has become a very compulsive habit. I was wondering, are the same benefits that everyone else seems to be getting available to me, even at such a young age? The decreased social anxiety and increased calmness, energy, and focus are all very appealing to me, not to mention I know this will only help me in the long run with what could possibly be future ED problems.
I've started this no PMO and am currently on day 3. I've got willpower and drive, but i can already tell that this is gonna be tough. I can no longer text some of my good friends who are girls (just to avoid any confusion haha) without slipping in a little hint of playfulness or sexual banter. I'm also really starting to see how these changes are more mental than anything. I've read about all of your successes, and I think just knowing that I cant expect those after this journey have already started factoring into my mood. Im happier and more willing to start conversations with girls, and I'm more content to just relax because I know that's how I'm supposed to feel.
I know as this continues, the drive and desire is only gonna get worse, so expect to see much more of me as I'll try to use this forum as a source of relief and inspiration. My ultimate goal would be to make it 86 days until my birthday as an ultimate b-day present to myself (a new me haha) but right now I'm just trying to improve on a day-to-day basis. My question still stands, however, and I'd love some feeback, "Do you guys think that there are certain 'requirements' needed to see all the benefits (i.e. age, addiction level, and social 'status')?
Thanks a bunch!


It's better to start at your age rather then deal with it later down the road.. half of the people here have started watching porn around your age, but never realized how much of a problem it was to them until later in their lives.. everyone has regrets.. you have a golden opportunity to stop the madness before it starts... So i suggest.. stay off the computer.. and stop masturbating for 8 weeks.. turn off all your images in your browser.. in the tools section.. and after the 8 weeks.. if you have the "urge" to masturbate. go for it.. BUT DON'T WATCH PORN... ITS NOT NATURAL!!! but u can also transmute that sexual energy into having casual sex.. or into school and work.. stay away from alcohol as well because it can replace porn easily!! U HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO QUIT AND STOP SOMETHING HORRIBLE.. don't let this become a horrible addiction!! stop it while u can little man!! inbox me if u need tips/advice..



Various men here have discovered that the standard masturbation advice ("the more the merrier") doesn't work out right for them. Our thought is that without the Internet to provide constant stimulation, "normal" masturbation would only be a problem for a small percentage of men.

But you're in a very hypersexual environment today, which is like nothing your ancestors ever evolved with, so I think you're wise to experiment with different approaches to find out what works best for you.

Avoiding all masturbation for a while might be a worthwhile experiment to learn if it empowers you. But it might, or might not, work for you over the long haul. Here are some links you might find interesting:

"The Right Masturbation Advice"

And "Are there any guidelines for healthy masturbation?"

I've enabled you to blog in case you like that option.

U R Definatly not too young

U R Definatly not too young to start -

I went to a boys only boarding sch' Sometimes after lights out we would hold jack off parties in the dorm. By wanking over some girly mags one lad had stashed away in a secret place, the aim was to cum first, shoot furthest or produce most semen. Thus I grew up with the impression that all sex was competitive & fast.

@ 16 yo, when loosing my virginity with first GF, I couldnt contain my excitement & shot the lot almost before penitration. After a couple of sessions like this I made up my mind to do something about it. Thus I started a journey of self discovery & self mastery which has lead me to have much more willpower & self control in many other ways.

Nowadays @ 23 (currently single) I edge most days for between 20 mins - 1hr. Also I let semen build up & only cum every 3-4 weeks - my longest was 9 weeks

After the first week its an amazing feeling being so sexually charged up all the time. Takes a lot of willpower to concentrate on other things. Around 10 days or so the blue balls start & it does get really hard to concentrate. I find a gental massage of the scrotum & balls helps immensly.

I'm quite into self denial & tests of willpower anyway & I'm convinced its worth the short term pain for a long term pleasure. I'm a bit into pain anyway - LOL - I sort of enjoy the challenge! And the spiritual satisfaction of self mastery is awesome.

So good on U - Good Luck - Keep if up (but be careful what U do with it - LOL)