Day 6 of no P&M

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Ok first of all I must say thank the heavens above for this site and your brain on porn. Man I have learned so much in the past week about my failures to rise to the occasion. I have been Ming for about 25 years in prone position and Ming to internet P for about 5 years now.

Well I had many "issues" with women whenever it was time to seal the deal and had no idea why. I googled my problem anf found this site. i must say I thought I had permenate ED till I read the recovery post on here and ahve hope I can recover as well . I accidently e-mailed he main guy at your brain on porn site and gave him a account of my frist few days without P and Ming to it. I gotta say Im surprised at how easily it is to avoid the stuff now. I mean for the past 5 years , I use to watch it a lot a whole lot. but after seeing those videos on youtube I said Im quitting. I thought that it would be rough or that I could not live without the stuff. But you know what. Im not feeling that bad or affected without it. I know IM in the first week of 12 weeks now but this whole first week has been amazing. I thought I would crack or get the urge to watch P. In fact Im just more against it by the second knowing what it made me do to myself.

Understand, I have not problem being ready for the occasion if I work out and do intense cardio . im good to go and do great when I do go. but I use to not need cardio for it and decided that maybe I was too desenstized by P. So I decided to take the challenge and so far so good. Hell after 5 days Im even starting to ahve dreams again with men and women having relations. I havent had these dreams in years folks . I even caught myself this morning with semi morning erection. If I didnt beleive in the desesentizing theory, after a few days, just a few days of practicing it I must say this theory should be law. No doubt about it . Its not just coindicence I get a erection around a woman i dont find that attractive the frist time I start the program.

Im not saying its easy not to P&M if you are like me. The stuff is nice and seeing those women and guys together was intoxicating. But I can tell you just after a few days of getting off the stuff Im noticing a small difference. I knwo I got to go through the real recovery phase, but a female friend came over the other day. I had been 3 days off the P&M and well were only platonic friends. Well something happened to me around her that hasnt happened in about 4 years. As she got near me and laid near me, I felt a sensation in me I got a semi hardon and wasnt even thinking about sex with this girl at all. Seriously its like the blood came back there and it was awakened from a very long sleep.

Now I know once again, Im in the early stages of recovery. But man to have that happen around a female again without having to do exercise before hand is a good feeling even if it was fleeting one. the point is folks it can be done. You can start the recovery from this. Watch the Youtube Videos about the theory of ED and why it can occur early in life. I grantee it will be the best 2 hours of your life you spent.

Its the perfect motivation to get you to start to stop. I think by the next post, I should be posting about how hard it is to avoid the material I left. I hope by week two the withdrawal symptoms will start to hit and I get the dead no sensation. but IM patient. i waited this long I can do this recovery. You can too gentlemen. Its not hard just remove all P form your computer and find some activity to substitute it . a productive one that can get your mind off it. I know its a great feeling to let loose and releive stress but fight it its worth it .