artificial orgasms

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my name is matt and im a tantra teacher in northern europe.
i have reading your articles about "your brain on porn" with highest interest.
the two books from Marnia robinson peace between the sheets and the poisoned arrow has been inspiring me a lot since 5 years.
i have been working as a coteacher the last year in an very fast upgrowing tantraschool we have activating more or less artificial the kundalini energy through deamouring body blockades through pressing on special points along the spine, and greating huges amounts of hornines and orgasmig states called ojas.

i have some questions coming up i cant answer or find material about. for some help i would be very greatfull

which influence has dmt in the state of making love?
can the use ore missuse of mariuana to go in orgasmic bliss trough created horniness activate the same addictive parts in our brain than having peak orgasms itself? and if so, does the same production of prolactine and seratonin cause a erictile disfunction like using porn imiges to arous sexual horniness.?
using mariuana and activating the "kundalini energy" couses in my understanding a disconnecting the body from the orgasmic experiences. can you agree to that...

thanks a lot


I can't answer your questions about marijuana and kundalini. As far as porn-induced erectile dysfunction, it is unlikely to be related to prolactin or serotonin. ED from porn use is caused by long-term changes in the dopamine system.

Chronically high levels of prolactin (tumor) can contribute to ED. The post-orgasmic prolactin rise is probably temporary, as is serotonin rise. Both contribute the refractory period, but not chronic ED.

Although little is known, it's likely that pleasurable experiences, including orgasm activate some of the same receptors as marijuana (endocannabinoid receptors).