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Thanks for pouring out your heart

It definitely sounds like it's time for you to take a big step forward.

Have you looked into how you might barricade your computer from porn or all images for a bit? At first, no matter how strong your willpower is, the limbic system in your brain is very loud in comparison with your executive control...when you feel stressed. And withdrawal itself is stressful, as you know from reading posts here. So make it easier on yourself if you can, by putting your "drug" out of your reach. Computer ideas:

Please start your own blog. You can link to this post, or copy it at the beginning.

I wish guys your age weren't under so much pressure to have sex right away. I know that sounds funny, but I really think that your situation would be much better if you got a lot more courtship contact (which would naturally reduce your stress), and weren't expected to perform like a porn star so early in the process.

Do you have any female friend who might be willing to be a cuddle buddy? Now is the time to reach out.

When is the exam? (I have to say...I'm very envious of your language skills. I can't even read my own book in German. Sad )

*big hug*

It's fine to post anywhere

I'm not a very tidy hostess. Smile

Sounds like you might have female friends who would be willing to "cuddle" if you asked them the right way, no?

You're right that the Internet itself can be an addiction. There are more and more articles and studies saying the same sorts of things.

Good luck preparing for your exam.