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This is my first post after being a lurker since June 5th. Sorry it took so long for me to say something(heheh). As a warning, expect some awkwardness as I have never been on a site like this in my life. Hmm... Ok...

My main reason for joining is the fact that I have been on this "Quit Porn" crusade since November 2008, and this is after a 4 year addiction to it. I've tried many experiments, and while I learned and grew from them all, I have been met with plenty of failures. I don't feel bad about any of it as I've grown from every attempt, and that's an important factor to realize. The longest I've ever gone without porn is close to three months, and I can attest to all of what people here claim. It's like one day you wake up and someone turned on the world. Suddenly I'm dancing on trains and smiling at girls I don't even know, and it's all natural. Masturbating was so amazing around the third month. Here's the interesting part though: I consistently masturbated every day during the three month period... Because of this though, I don't think I ever really broke the connection to porn, and when introduced to suggestive material by chance, the pull was still amazingly strong and BAM! Relapse...

Since then it's just been trial and error with this whole thing, but ever since finding this site, I've been on the best role ever. I don't even think about porn anymore. If anything, I just gotta worry about masturbating and fantasizing about girls I want to get with. I really think you guys are all geniuses for finding the missing piece in masturbation. I've always been so obstinate in stopping masturbation, though I knew I had an addiction to it.

Today is the end of the eighth week for me, and I feel very calm and relaxed, but there is a bit of a hangover from my last wet dream which was 4 days ago.(Damn Chaser) Moreover, I have been journaling this whole time although not every single day, and if the entries can be of any value to someone I wouldn't mind sharing as well as keeping up to date with where I am now.
Stay Strong Pardon


Feel free to share, as the more we learn the better the advice we can give. I have always wondered about masturbation. On one hand, giving up porn should be enough, because porn is the addiction. However, when men also give up masturbation, they seem to recover more solidly and probably in less time. There's little doubt that masturbation doesn't work well when trying to recover from porn-induced ED.

Maybe porn recovery is like getting hit by a car, and breaking your leg, while crossing the street. For your broken leg to heal you need to stop getting hit by cars (stop porn), but that's not enough. To fully heal, in a reasonable time, you must cast your leg and use crutches (not masturbate). A broken leg needs to your brain does once it has become addicted.

In my case, I would disagree

In my case, I would disagree with you on porn being the addiction. Perhaps I'm not alone on this but it was very easy to give up the porn. It was the masturbating that I missed most during my first few days of abstinence. And whenever I was bored or was depressed, I was yearning for that rush you get from intense orgasms.

It's true

that masturbation can become an addiction, as can sex. And I have no doubt that masturbation can affect ones mood or perception. But how does one define masturbation addiction?

But my generation masturbated quite a bit and no one developed ED from doing so. We still found regular females hot. Just making out was far more exciting than any masturbation session. We talked only about the hot babes in school, never any porn stars. We walked around the halls of school with our textbooks over our crotches due to the constant boners. A tight sweater got us going. "Halter top day" at the baseball (Royals) park was the highlight of the year.

Masturbation can become an addiction, but it can't alter the brain, distort perception, and cause the myriad of heavy duty symptoms described here.

I visit a lot of forums and many have "no fap contests". What they really mean is no porn, but they cannot make the distinction. They are one and the same. This generation has linked porn and masturbation in one word - fapping. Part of our job is to have young men realize that one can exist without the other.

Hey Falcon,

Very cool that you were bold enough to try something new. It's definitely the way to go in life. Trial and error eventually wins the day. Wink

I'll happily add you to the rebooting accounts on YBOP if you copy, or summarize, your journal here. Could be helpful to others.

I enabled you to blog, if you want to put it there.


For the kind words Marnia, and I will eventually start putting up my journal entries. Pardon I think a lot of people have to go through the "error" part where it's hard to abstain, but honestly it really does get easier as if you gotta learn the hard way.
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