Day 11- Withdrawal

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So my last reboot attempt I made it to day 14 with no bad withdrawal symptoms other than cravings. So when I woke up yesterday feeling like I had been run over by a truck I was kind of surprised. Everything hurt, I had a fever and there were a few times that I almost passed out and had to just lay down in the fetal position for a half hour or more. I felt so bad that pmo'ing didn't feel like it would be fun so I didn't relapse. Although there were a few times I thought there is no way rebooting is worth it if I'm going to feel like this for any extended period of time. I thought that I was never really going to have withdrawal because on both of my reboot attempts I felt better everyday. On the first attempt I did have a wet dream on day 7 so maybe that held it off.

I took Tylenol last night. Is that recommended for withdrawal? Will it just prolong it? I feel much better this morning and my fever is gone.

An interesting thing was when I went to class yesterday morning before I felt all that bad the sun just completely melted away all the pain and I felt wonderful.


Wild stuff, eh?

Can't think of any reason Tylenol would matter. Such symptoms seem like they *can't* be related to sexual activity, but they jolly well can. So, maybe they were...given how quickly they passed. Wish we knew more.

Glad you're feeling better.