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The few times I've orgasmed post-reboot, I was nothing but a bundle of giggles and smiles. This would carry on for a couple of days. What does it feel like to be hung-over after orgasm? I'm wary of this and wouldn't want it happening to me.

Sounds like you might be

one of the lucky ones. There seems to be a neurochemical cycle after orgasm, which most of us don't connect with it. It's kind of like PMS in that some people have a more pronounced experience than others do.

It's possible you would notice it if you orgasmed too frequently. Or if you orgasmed with a partner. (More prolactin is released after orgasm during intercourse than orgasm after solo sex.)

Think of the orgasm hangover as a mini version of what some feel after a porn binge. Although subtle, it can get projected onto our partners when we're in relationship. Not good. Hence the appeal of an approach like karezza where the emphasis is on sex itself, not climax.

For more: "The Passion Cycle"

I have experienced both

I have experienced both types of orgasms, ones where you are "hung over" and others where you are joyous and almost enlightened feeling. The former were caused when I am resistant or controlling, not surrendering to the experience, basically inhibited in my mind. The more I abandoned myself by not taking care of myself in various ways, or listening to my feelings... the more I closed to my feelings and created what Wilhelm Reich termed, "Body Armor", a protective tension across the body which blocks feelings, including the full orgasmic expression.

The variance between different people depends on the level of emotional self abandonment, which ties into how we were raised.

It is interesting though, that the "hangover period" is usually about 2 weeks, more than any drug I know of. Wink