My 2 months trial to see what happens

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Hi all, I;ve been doing a lot of 14 days, but could not seem to pass that these days. Actually i dont ejaculate in the past 2 months because of mtb, but because of sex. But I could still control for 14 days before I surrender, which was not bad.

Also feel a bit of stress these days, I;m starting my own business, and currently handling 1 big project all by myself, doing the job of 2 people. So I feel quite challenged some days.

Anyway, I am doing my new goals session, and one of the thing i want to do is to Stop Ejaculation for 2 months, see how it is!

My other MUST goals are:
1) Must exercise everyday
2) Must do my affirmations everyday
3) Must do my energy meditation every morning and night.

I;ve done a tickbox table for me to tick off each task every day. Actually today Im already in Day 5. Feeling a bit low libido because I got a cold.

So today is Day 5 already.

My rules are, I may mtb or sex, but I wont ejaculate. I have tried going cold turkey to even not thinking about girls at all, but it wasn't helping me in the "Get a Girilfriend and Get Married" Department of my brain. Cold turkey just made me frustrated and depressed.

Today i;ve accomplished more

Today i;ve accomplished more than 2 weeks without ejaculation. TODAY IS ACTUALLY DAY 18!!

How did i do it?

1)Before that, i ejaculated 2 times in a 2 day period after sex with a girl, which made me detest ejaculation. I was so determined to stop.

2) I kept busy, in fact its been a very busy 2 weeks.

3)I did have sex about 3 times in that period, but I did not ejaculate. I used the 'million dollar point' method and also the Big Draw, drawing the energy up to other areas.

What difference and improvement do I notice?

1)more energy and stamina. I could climb up the fire stairs of my apartment up 7 floors, 2x a day with no problem. PLus a brisk walk to the city and back about 1 hour walking.

2) MOre energy to talk and communicate and socialise.

3) Wake up in the early hours about 5am with a steel hard erection, feeling extremely vibrant and powerful. When I mtb, it felt very good, but I was careful not to ejaculate.


Eat your veggies drink that water eat that meat.. (no homo) and fruits.. eat very paleo like.. and your mind will be able to adjust accordingly .. I think P asks your body for more unnecessary food's to make up for the numbness of the brain.. try it out.. n working out is great.. weightlifting with heavy weights.. seems to get rid of allot of anxiety and stress... atleast me..


Hi i dont know what day


i dont know what day number it is today... its since 24 June that I stopped...

feeling strong, lots of stamina, can climb up to 7 floors many times a day via fire stair, no problem.


Can you "leap tall buildings in a single bound" yet? Wink

How's the relationship front? Some guys find that the superman phase runs down eventually without some intimate contact. Did you read this guy's rebooting account? Eventually, you may want to incorporate some friendly interaction in there.

you are right, although i

you are right, although i feel physically and energetically strong, and have more stamina,
but sometimes feels frustrated and lonely. There was a girl who called me and flirted at me, but i sort of didnt want to play with her, scared of hurting her feelings in case she wants long term type...

My friend brought me to a

My friend brought me to a legal place for sex last week. I thought heck since I wasnt in a relationship i need to make up some, provided I do it with condom. So I actually picked 2 girls(young ones, uni students) to try. I have not been ejaculating for 2 or 3 weeks so i was quite strong. SO using my taoist method I actually did both of them twice each in the 45 minutes duration, and bringing both of them to orgasm over and over until they were exhausted. THey kept saying "oh my god, never seen anyone who can do as long time as you, so strong".

And i did not cum in the end. THat actually made me a lot more energetic after that.

What should i expect this

What should i expect this week? I have lost count of how many days, i think almost 4 weeks.

These few days didnt get a strong erection automatically. Also i was too busy to think about sexy stuff.

Stamina is stil keeping up, had to dash under the rain yesterday and made a sprint for about 300m and amazed I could run that fast and recovered by breath very quickly after that.

thats about all these days...

What do you mean by rebooting Marnia? What should I expect?

Earlier this week i noticed

Earlier this week i noticed something. After 3 and half weeks of non-ejaculation, one night i noticed the skin on my scrotum was very dry. I had a look under the light and saw the outer layer of the skin was flaking (sort of like the skin was renewing itself). If you have had an infection or pimple infection, after the swelling stops, you will notice a transparent thin layer of the outer old skin flaking off - it is similar to that. On the first night I noticed it was the right side of my scrotum (the entire right side!), and the tip of my penis having that skin renewal. There was no sensation, no pain.

At first I thought it could be me leaking semen when I slept and that the semen had dried on my skin,forming a thin film that is flaking off. BUt on closer inspection, it is actually the skin itself renewing. THen yesterday, I noticed the left side of my scrotum and bottom of it doing the same. And the head of my penis was also shedding off the outer skin.

What's going on? Anyone has the same experience? DOes my body think there is an infection in that area? I must admit although I did not ejaculate since 24 June, I did have masturbation (with semen retention) and also had sex with retention. Physically I felt at the top, needed less sleep. Energy wise, I feel ok, after a full day of work in the office, i could feel a bit stagnated, but that is about all. I could get a very hard and big erection even while in the office.

Anyway, I started thinking maybe my body thinks there is an infection, so i actually ejaculated last night on 22nd July. After ejaculation, i could feel the vast difference in energy. I felt like I needed to sleep, body felt heavy, legs weaker, could feel the lack of energy.


Never heard that one before, but I must say, it wouldn't have occurred to me to assume infection was the cause or that ejaculation was the cure.

Interesting that you noticed the let down after ejaculating.

the skin peeling thing

the skin peeling thing worried me, i thought maybe the semen was decaying in my prostate or testicles, so i ejaculated.

I recently had an infected finger, after the swelling, the skin around the finger did the same.

Or maybe do you think my genitals were thinking "its a new life!" and started shedding old skin?

No idea

But if you didn't have pain or swelling, I doubt infection was the reason. Did you change soaps or do any naked sunbathing? Wink

Skin peeling

I had the same thing happen, but to a lesser degree. Noticed a small area of dry skin under the head, almost like a dry scab the size of a pencil eraser. Never felt any pain or anything. I just happened to notice it one day. Peeled off and have never had it happened since. Your body is probably just healing itself after all the friction of M.


but each person has to figure out for himself what constitutes "too much."

Remember, novelty itself is stimulating, so lots of pics, and hunting for the right pic can turn into a sort of "brain drug trip" for some folks.

There's also a risk that if you orgasm only to pics of a certain "type," and your partner isn't that "type," you may find your partner less arousing.

But both of these may not be your situation at all.

Hi I found out what was the


I found out what was the thing that cause my penis and scrotum to go dry and flake skin. It was the sorbolene I was using. That sorbolene was supposed to be for shower moisturiser and meant to be washed off. But I was doing retention and using it to use it like a cream to moisturise my penis. SO it made my skin flake. But after it flaked, by skin looked so smooth and new... :)

if i go more than 2 weeks

if i go more than 2 weeks without ejactulation i usually feel my testosterone peak(penis gets real big and long during erection) and I most of the time lose control and mtb a lot. If 1 month without ejaculation, i start to feel low in energy and libido....... felt kinda "low" and 'stagnant'. I would do some mtb (without ejaculation) to get some testosterone going again, but after few days later it peters out again... until i reach a point where i just feel dull and lifeless. Is there a point men reach if they abstain for too long?


I was just saying that when guys try to abstain indefinitely (after they are more or less back in balance) some of them "run down" - kind of like a watch that isn't wound up. It's as if our brains evolved for connection, including affection and skin-to-skin contact...and ideally regular sex.

Some traditions got around this with energy circulation exercises for solo practitioners: But in many cultures early marriages were the "solution." Unfortunately for the planet that solution led to overpopulation. Wink

My point is that flying solo with no PMO can be great for rebooting, but not such a great permanent solution to managing libido. On the other hand, some guys just have a wet dream now and then and that works for them. Others may need a masturbation (no porn) schedule. But for most, socializing and flirting is a good way to "fill the hole" while waiting for a partner.


I found that i keep backsliding into mtb and ejaculation because of lack of connection with women. I live alone, go to work in a small office filled with old people, I am the only young guy there 35. The rest are in their late 50s.

After of about 1 week of abstaining from P,M,O, I just go crazy and keep wanting to experience touching a woman's breasts and body. THen I would either go to a shop to look for escort, or go back to P,M,O. It's not good. The only time i managed lately to no ejaculation for 2 weeks is by masturbating with semen retention. But after 2 weeks, i feel the heat and stagnant energy in my genitals and body, and i had to ejaculate to stop that stagnancy. THen next day I will have a glow in my face and eyes, but my body will be drained of stamina and energy.