Day 126 Reboot update

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I'm on day 126 now of my reboot. I have had 3 wet dreams and masturbated to orgasm (no fantasy, just touch) once. Between day 90-120, I had very little libido. The last week, it seems to be increasing.
Hung out with a girl that I don't find particularly attractive but really like her personality. I got
a tingly feeling and a slight erection when hanging out with her and being close to her. It's very
easy for me to masturbate with light strokes, no fantasy and get/maintain an erection. However,
when I stop the physical stimulation, the erection goes away very quickly (~10 seconds). Morning/Night
erections are generally strong and I get them about 75% of the time. It goes away immediately when I
get out of bed. No spontaneous erections throughout the day.

Fantasizing about other girls that I could potentially date is also causing me to feel horny and
get semi-erections. I know we have previously discussed fantasy as being bad, but at
this point, there is no risk of relapsing for me. I have been starting to think that
using fantasy as a way to reduce anxiety and increase positive feelings towards sex would be good.
This is a little bit like an athlete mentally fantasizing about himself winning.
Do you think healthy fantasy about being with a girl and having a strong erection will help
reduce anxiety?

Still flirting with a lot of girls, tons of contact (hugging, touching, hand holding) and socializing.
I'm nearly to the point where I think I am ready to start a relationship (or at least a physical one)
to get the next level and finally be cured.

Glad you're feeling

ready for more. [ok]

We honestly don't know about that kind of fantasizing. Guys who wired to 2-D stimuli instead of 3-D stimuli definitely have some rewiring to do, and to be honest we don't know what helps most (other than contact with real potential partners). I think performance visualizations and warm, affectionate sex visualizations might be very helpful at this point. Porn-style fantasies probably aren't.

We're all learning together. So let us know what you experience. Could help someone else.