Intro!!! 20 years old, tall, blond, handsome and unable to perform! 35 days in

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Great story ... I'm on day

Great story ... I'm on day 77 now and as u will so go into the day 40's and 50's from abstinence of porn u will start to have more stronger libido and erections ... You might go through a second flatlining as Ur body starts to reprogram itself but overall this experience is a lot easier to go through then not being able to perform at all so I'll take it anyday of the week ... Wish you the best in your battle

Thanks for sharing your story

Sounds like you've figured it all out, and just need to keep going through the rest of the nasty withdrawal period. Chances are the worst of it is already behind you. *Phew*

It's amazing how closely the male brain is tied to its erections as opposed to what it knows to be true. You're not the first guy to find arousal to anxiety over being gay to be a turn on and get all confused because too much porn has, in general, reduced your responsiveness to normal intercourse. See

I assume you checked out this FAQ:

Frankly, you sound like one of the lucky ones because you're really clear about your fundamental orientation, and you understand the reasons for your explorations early on. (By the way, a slightly disproportionate number of younger brothers are homosexual.)

You've also seen how stopping porn turned things around. Sorry it's so tough this time, but you were warned. Wink As you age the brain has less plasticity, so reversing porn-related changes takes longer. See

Keep us posted.

What things help you the most with the withdrawal symptoms? Exercising? Meditation?

Hey marnia and thanks for

Hey marnia and thanks for the input. Luckily I never divulged into gay or tranny porn or I do not know where emotionally I would be right now. It would be more like OCD and some dude would pop up on the tv and my brain would be like, well since you can't get it up to girls check that out. Of course I was never arroused by the male body but the anxiety affect it produced made it an addictive thought process in my head thus leading to a nasty bout of hocd that my inability to perform fueled just splendid. Was an awful time for me, but I found this site, stopped acknowledging those thoughts, and stopped watching porn and poof it literally disappeared. And yes just as my brother has never since childhood even glanced at a girl and had arousal the same thing goes for me for men. Even when I acted out homosexually when I was younger I remember telling him that I didn't like doing these things and would fantasize about his siter.

Honestly for withdrawals I've just kind of rolled over and taken them. I do my sport as much as possible and it is very therapeutic maybe once a day if I can but other than that, when bouts of depression came through, I kind of just withdrew and took it. A feeling of helplessness. Funny how that also coincided with the amount of time I was just browsing the web and on fb. I found the less Internet the more happy I am. So speaking of that time to go outside :)

Well said

A certain amount of "rolling over" and gritting your teeth seems unavoidable during withdrawal. On the other hand, exercise seems to minimize it. So do mediation, time in nature, socializing, and so forth.

You're doing really well. Give yourself a pat on the back.

heygdub, very interesting

heygdub, very interesting story. My story shares some similarities with yours, I since very young was into girls, I had crushes on girls since the first grade. And back then I was always aroused by girls. I never thought one day I would end up where I am today. I started watching porn when I was around 10 or 11, I cant remember the exact age, but at first it was great, it was ultra I got older, the same porn didnt deliver the same kick and I esclated to different types of porn including transexual and gay porn. By then, I had already had pretty bad ED and nothing turned me on. I was around 17 back then. Then I developed HOCD because of was horrible. I am glad you are dealing well with your problem. The trick to withdraw symptoms is excersise. It is something very important, do not underestimate the power of excersise. Anyways good luck!


For the feedback, ya porn really just throws your brain for a loop huh. It's awful stuff. I don't know where your at right now but keep strong and yes exercise is great for calming the brain. So is socializing I have found that makes my brain returns to normalcy almost instantly. Struggle well :) and make the best of it