Perfect sex. I seem to be 100% cured.

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My girlfriend had been away for 2 weeks. She went onto her period the weekend before she left. So it had been 3 weeks since we had had sex. I started masturbating quite a bit when she was gone, albeit without porn and most of the time without fantasy. When I did fantasise I was thinking of her and our previous bedroom adventures or other girls I had been with in the past (no crazy porn style thoughts). My sex drive seems to of gone up a lot since getting into this relationship. I realised masturbating regularly was unwise so stopped 4 days before she came back.

I went round to hers in the morning. It was great to see her and have her back in my arms. Straight to the bedroom, undressing as we talked, laughed, catching up. I love how natural, comfortable, and laid back we are together. She told me she had abstained from masturbation for the whole two weeks. That's very unlike her. She said she was inspired by my reboot effort.

Her body was alive. It was almost like she was having sex for the first time. She was so sensitive and almost a little nervous. It was really cute. We had sex once and both collapse into a panting heap. Then again 30 minutes later. I had two O's. I was 100% hard throughout. What is odd though is that I had an erection about 5 minutes after I ejaculated. Usually that's me done for a few hours. We went to watch a film. Then came back and had sex again. I didn't O this time (long session). Altogether this was the best sex of my life.

I've now got to the point where I am no longer thinking about ED. I used to have this dialogue running in my head "Am I hard yet?", "Am I going to have a problem", "Ahh no she's going down on me, but I'm not going to be able to get hard". This has now disappeared. It seemed to take me a while to break through the backlog of negative experiences in my mind. Yesterday I was completely immersed and in control. No worries, no doubts. Just enjoying the experience. Amazing.


Great man! Enjoy the sex

Great man! Enjoy the sex :) Keep an eye out for any possible after-effects. For the rest, just keep the MO in check and skip the P. You now know that real sex is so much better.

Your description of how your ED-worries are gone is really motivating. I guess it's quite normal that once your erections are back, the worries will fade.

I'd stopped counting a while back

23 weeks eh? I think I was physically 'fixed' around 80 days but I had to work through the emotional side of connecting with a real woman after having gone so long without sex. Allowing myself to be vulnerable. Trusting. I have a mind which is prone to ponder and analyse and it held me back from really immersing myself in the experience of sex. Once ED struck it was constantly on my mind. I had lost my confidence in the bedroom.

I realised this process was something I absolutely had to go through to get my life back in order. In that sense time became irrelevant. I was in this till I was fixed. Now the reboot feels like a distant memory. I have a great girlfriend, great sex, and various other elements of my life seem to of just fallen into place. In fact every aspect of my life is better than it was 6 months ago. Who would of thought a reboot could be the catalyst for so many improvements.


I know the time-frame is a bit of an exaggeration, but the rebooting accounts are "medicinal," and I think it's helpful to have some accounts that show them how improvements can continue for weeks. So that's mostly a phrase for *my* benefit so I can find it when I want to help someone whose brain stubbornly clings to performance anxiety even after he's fundamentally healed. As you know, it's hard to be patient when you want your body and brain to be functioning perfectly together again, so your account will help guys "fast-forward" to a time when it all clicks.

I'm so delighted to hear you're happy with your transformation. Like most of the guys here, you have so much going for you. I hate to see you guys anchored to meaningless pixels. It's so much more fun to know you are soaring. Smile