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Been contemplating about trying Karezza for a minute or at least after I'm done with this reboot thing or wateva because I personally just don't like the feelings i get after an orgasm ... Now the problem is i feel karezza is sumthin u can only introduce with a girlfriend or someone that u have an intimate relationship with IMO ...so my question is can i still have sex like i regularly do and just stop myself wen I'm about to orgasm? And if i do this wont a female think im weird? Or maybe would i have to fake an orgasm? Askin all these questions cuz i pretty know its not possible to explain karezza to every girl you meet except your really close with her simply off the fact that she might be a one night stand or they just wont understand ... So how do u feel i can go about practicing this technique of a no orgasmic sex while performing at the same speed?



yea ...

I read most of that page but i really didnt get answers to any of my questions .... They basically discuss slow type sex and although i would like to implement that strategy, i also want to know if no orgasmic sex can be practiced with regular or even at times, vigorous type sex ... Well guess i'll just wait for darryl then lol

I'll make a try at this as a newbie

I've been doing this for only three weeks and my date is my wife so it is not really the same in that way, but the core issue is that women expect you to ejaculate and if you don't have an orgasm they often don't think that you are happy and they haven't the experience of helping you reach an orgasm.

I am not sure how much I'd explain to a date about this.

You can have some traditional type foreplay but it isn't as hungry and needy this way. Then when you get around to it you can insert your penis into her vagina but you do this very, very slowly, at least that's my experience so far.

And you go very slowly with minimal motion but you can do this two ways overall. You can do it vigorously then stop or even withdraw before you cum. That is the edging method and will likely create a blue balls situation which you can alleviate by running cold sinkwater over your penis and testicles when you are done.

Or better yet you don't go to this level of arousal, but on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being orgasm you're on a 5 or 6 level and this isn't as tense and heated.

Funnily enough, I experience more pleasure by far at the 5 or 6 range. I am pretty sure this will increase over time as we get more experienced with it.

With a date, I imagine more of the edging method might be good. And you can if you want create some clitoral stimulation, either during intercourse or via fingers or tongue, and help her reach an orgasm and she is happy and you just explain that you are on this non-orgasmic kick these days.

Humans are a bit like fish.

Humans are a bit like fish. We need to be hooked and it's tough to effectively grab our attention in any other way.

I'm guessing one could also use some combination of physicality and words of assurance to show a woman what you want to explore. See my Better than Orgasm review (http://www.reuniting.info/node/11310) for how Bass suggests dealing with some of this: (I apparently neglected to post it...I just realized why...): <--a random emoticon created by actual punctuation...the machines are taking over.


I have some thoughts for you but have a question first. Is it you who wants to have sex at a more conventional/ vigorous pace or is it because you think the woman wants it? If it was all your choice and the woman was happy with whatever your approach would be, how would it look? I'm trying to seperate what you want, from what you think you have to do for the womans sake, so I can understand where your coming from better.

Actually its for the female

Actually its for the female and for me at the same time to be honest ... Because although i like the sound of slow sex, i know me just naturally bein aggressive can't just stick to that type of sex although i really would like to avoid orgasm by all costs ... The 1o seconds of pleasure from an orgasm and the next day or two of crankiness just r not worth it IMO ...so how do u suggest i go about the casual or vigorous/karezza like sex minus the orgasm?

As far as the female part

As far as the female part goes, this is what I have to say. Do what you feel you need to do to stay true to yourself. I dont mean, doing what ever you feel like. I mean, you've searched your soul and identified where you want to go and what actions you would take to honor that. What I'm saying, is know your deeper direction and then stick to it. Forget about what the woman might think. It never works to compromise yourself to please someone else. If you don't want to orgasm then demonstrate your commitment to that. If your with a woman who is not particularly open to sex without orgasm then just do it without words. Show her by actions. Don't make your choices around her insecurities. If she say something about you not orgasming, trying to get reassurance that she is desirable to you, you can say something like, " I love drinking you in, savoring your sweet feminine essence, I prefer this over having an orgasm" You can reassure her without spilling your seed to do so. Women love masculine purpose, especially when its clear and meaningful.

In terms of your own sexuality you have to make a choice. If your committed to refraining from orgasm then this is your guide to your activity level, sexually. If you find you keep on slipping over the edge because you get too heated up then back off. If you can surf the waves and stay in control then ride away. Remember, is about connection not performance. Even if the person is new there's no reason you cant have meaningful nourishing sex. Your clarity will set the tone. I will say this, if you try practicing non-orgasmic lovemaking half heartedly you wont get far. It takes a certain commitment to rewire your sexual circuits and you'll need your will behind you to make it happen. From my personal experience it's well worth it. Great things rarely come without effort, sometimes a lot of it.